Adam Foggia - A Personal Perspective

Attorney Adam Foggia

Adam always knew that he wanted to work in a legal field, and he was particularly attracted to practice areas that allowed him to directly impact the lives of his clients. During his final year of law school, he worked with UNC’s criminal justice clinic to defend juveniles, but after he was exposed to plaintiffs’ law, he quickly knew that this was the career that he wished to pursue. 

“For as long as I practice, I’ll never forget the name of, or the hardship faced by, one of my earliest clients.  When I first informed her that her case was resolved and that I was very happy with the results, she immediately began to cry and ask me, ‘You mean, it’s over? It really over?’ 

It was in that moment that I first truly understood the magnitude of the devastation faced by many of our clients, but it was also in that moment that I truly appreciated the positive impact that we, as plaintiffs’ lawyers, can have on the lives of our clients.”

As a seven-year-old, Adam once told his father that he would one day grow up to be a professional bowler, but a career in the practice of law has otherwise always been his primary goal, and he is extremely grateful to have been able to realize that dream. 

Describing his appreciation, Adam said, “It’s a rare luxury in life to be able to do the work that you always wanted to do, let-alone to be able to do it in a part of the country and state that you love.  I’m extremely thankful to have that luxury.”

In addition to his work, Adam has participated in many athletic events designed to raise funds and generate awareness of certain medial conditions, such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and the annual 150+ mile Tour De Cure, a cycling event sponsored by the American Diabetes Association.

When he’s not testing his endurance, you may find Adam in the kitchen. He loves to cook, and he even enjoys growing several of the ingredients himself.

He’s also rescued several animals in need of a good, loving home, loves to spend time with his English retriever, Elora, and is quite the music and movie buff. 

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