Crishon Jordan — A Personal Perspective

Passion to help others influenced by parents

Attorney Crishon Jordan

Crishon's worldview was greatly influenced by her parents, both pastors at Unity of Faith Family Worship Center in Rocky Mount.

"My parents believe if you are supposed to do something, no challenge should keep you away from that," she said. "They are tremendously caring, selfless and perseverant."

After spending several years in the field of arena and event marketing with the Charlotte Convention Center and Charlotte Coliseum, Crishon became entranced by the challenge of law and the opportunity it presented to help people. A long-time fan of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she was naturally attracted to the University of North Carolina School of Law. Once at Carolina, she enjoyed the spirit of kinship and teamwork it supported.

Similarly, the cooperative atmosphere at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin was one of the things that attracted her to the firm.

"When you work with people who have a lot of strengths, they make you stronger," she said. "You can pull those strengths out of each other for the benefit of your clients."

An experienced attorney who will fight to try and get results

Crishon has more than five years of legal experience, the majority in the field of Social Security Disability. She began her law career in a dual role, splitting her time between assisting both the general counsel for a hospice facility and as an attorney in his law practice.

"My greatest joy comes from seeing my efforts positively affect others — when I feel, at that particular time, I was put on Earth to affect someone else in some special way," she said.

This feeling is not limited to her legal work.

"At church this Thanksgiving, we fed people that were in need," she said. "I observed everybody coming in to eat — children with their parents, young adults, older individuals — and it really affected me. I don't believe people ask to be in difficult situations, but sometimes they find themselves there."

"It felt good to know that just a little bit of action, just a little bit of my time, made a difference in their lives for that day. I don't know what the next day held, but I hope there was some lasting impression for them just as there was for me. I hope someone left with a little more hope that things can get better."

Going the extra mile for clients

When working on a case, Crishon's goals go beyond helping clients with their pressing needs.

"When I'm practicing law, I am assisting with an immediate need, but I hope in the process I'm enlightening people about what the system is about and why they are an important part of it," she said. "My hope is that my clients feel empowered and come away from this process with the understanding that all of us have to work together to ensure a strong, productive legal environment."

Outside of work, Crishon enjoys spending time with her parents, three siblings and her 11-year-old niece. She loves basketball, whether as a spectator or a participant. Though she enjoys building consensus, she admits she hasn't been able to fully make peace between her family members who root for Duke University and those who root for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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