Marie Lang — A Personal Perspective

A passion and desire to help others

Attorney Marie Lang

Marie Lang is passionate about using her skills to help others.

While still at The College of William and Mary Law School, Marie interned at a local prosecutor's office and tutored children in the criminal justice system. She cherishes what she learned from that experience, both personally and professionally.

"Working with a prosecutor confirmed my idea that law would be an exciting and varied career path where I'd always be seeing and learning new things," she said.

"And tutoring children allowed me to see the needs out there, and meet those who are less fortunate. Many of the children I worked with got into trouble because they had no structure in their lives. I knew if they received the support and resources they needed, they could become good and productive members of society."

To Marie, the law is all about advocacy, and she enjoys helping people navigate through difficult periods of their lives.

Helping others through a difficult time

A good example is a case in which a 60-year-old woman who lost her leg and suffered a head injury when the vehicle she was hit head-on by another driver. Her sister, the car's driver, was killed. The woman's husband was unable to retire as planned, putting his own health in jeopardy.

In addition to litigating and ultimately settling the case, Marie was pleased that she was able to shepherd the woman through a difficult process and help her face some emotional issues.

"I enjoyed being with her throughout the process, assisting her through the medical minefield, being there to encourage her and her family, and ultimately allowing her and her husband to get on with their lives," Marie said.

Marie has more than 22 years of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of legal matters. She enjoys personal injury law because it affords her the ability to work directly with clients.

"I like connecting with people, versus contract or corporate work," she said. "I enjoy working with people who have been hurt and trying to help them through a difficult time, a difficult process and, in the end, often seeing them fare better as the result of my assisting them."

Marie's parents instilled in her a strong work ethic, as well as the philosophy that it is important to recognize your gifts and blessings and to use them to help others. Marie hopes to pass these same values on to her children.

"My children are my greatest passion," she said. "Hopefully, being able to set an example for them, to teach my daughter and my son a respect for women in careers and to show them that it's important to use your gifts, talents and abilities to help those less fortunate than you."

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