Naa Atsoi Adu-Antoh - A Personal Perspective

Attorney Naa Atsoi Adu-Antoh

Naa Atsoi Adu-Antoh always knew she wanted to help people.

When she was a young girl living in Ghana, her younger sister suffered a head injury. When her family rushed her to the hospital, they were initially denied treatment until they could show ability to pay.

While her sister eventually did receive treatment and recovered, the incident made an impression on Naa, who decided she wanted to do something to make a difference.

Naa knew she wanted to become a lawyer, and she knew she wanted to help people with medical-related legal issues. However, before she became a lawyer, she wanted to gain experience working in the healthcare sector.

"You have to understand how the healthcare system works in order to be able to help those who are injured and struggling,” Naa said. “I knew I wanted to use my experience to help those facing illness or injury receive the care they needed or the compensation they may deserve."

Naa earned her nursing degree at Johns Hopkins University, and worked for a time as an emergency room nurse and a rehabilitation nurse before becoming a travel nurse . After working for a couple of years at various hospitals in North Carolina, she started law school, where she combined her legal training with her healthcare experience to provide pro bono legal help for veterans and children from low-income families.

Working to make a difference for those in need

Naa continues to help those in need, through her work for clients at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin and through her volunteer work with GOFA – Gospel Outreach for All – a non-profit organization that provides aid to people of low income around the world. Aid includes free medical screenings. Naa serves on the board of advisors for the group.

Naa also volunteers with her church, where she is a member of the executive board and teaches bible studies.

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