Do you really need an attorney after an accident?

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Question: If you were injured in an auto accident, do you really need an attorney?

Answer: People often ask if hiring a lawyer is really worth it for them, will they come out any better, does a lawyer do them any good, or does a lawyer just take money out of their case? Insurance adjuster will tell you that a lawyer just takes money out of your case. That's their job. That's not usually true.

The insurance industry has done survey after survey and their surveys show that generally speaking, when you hire a lawyer you come out ahead financially. It puts more money in your pocket; it benefits you, and reduces the headache from what you have to deal with.

Question: You were injured in an auto accident, how should you handle the insurance adjuster pressing you to settle right away?

Answer: When an insurance adjuster shows up trying to get you to settle a case, you don't want to do that up front. You want to protect yourself and make sure you're looking out for yourself because they're not going to.

So what you want to do is tell them you'll deal with it later. You just want them to deal with your car at this point, or property damage or other issues like that. If you don't have any property damage just tell them you won't even talk to them.

Wait until you're done with your medical care. Wait until you've talked to a lawyer, that's even more important.

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