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Does Workers’ Comp Pay for Pain and Suffering?

You’ve been hurt at work, and the pain and suffering you’ve experienced have been real. Physical pain and mental suffering, strains on your finances and personal relationships, and a general sense that your life is spinning out of control are often part of recovering from a work injury.

So when it comes time to settle your workers’ compensation case, you might think you’ll be paid for all the pain and suffering you’ve gone through. Unfortunately, that is incorrect.

Workers’ Comp Will not Pay You for Pain & Suffering

Fair or not, the law doesn’t require insurance companies to pay you for pain and suffering when you are hurt on the job. So it’s important to try to make sure the insurance company is paying you the full benefits the law does require. Sadly, we have seen some insurance companies seemingly work overtime just to save themselves money by denying you the benefits you are owed. Here are actual stories of this type of bad behavior.

3 Things Workers’ Comp Will Pay For

Workers’ compensation pays you for three kinds of benefits: a partial wage benefit, the cost of medical treatment, and the value of any permanent loss of use of your injured body part. Click here to find out more about your benefits payments.

Weekly Wage Benefits

When you’re hurt on the job and are unable to work while you recover, the law requires the insurance company to pay you a weekly wage benefit. The benefit is supposed to be two thirds of your average weekly wage. Often, some insurance companies will drag their feet in sending you these checks. Other times, some insurance companies may pay you less than you are entitled to receive.

Medical Benefits

Some insurance companies may also try to delay your medical treatment. The law is clear that if you are hurt on the job, the insurance company must pay for treatment that your authorized doctor recommends. But some insurance companies have been known to try to dodge this responsibility. We have seen many simply refuse to authorize treatment or attempt to send you to another doctor who they think will be more conservative about your treatment.

Permanent Disability

At the end of your claim, a doctor may decide that you suffer from some permanent disability. You are entitled to payment for this disability. Again, some insurance companies may try to save money by sending you to a doctor who they think may give an opinion about your disability that is more favorable to the insurance company.

Why You Need an NC Workers’ Comp Lawyer

The workers’ compensation laws in North Carolina are very complex. Because you can receive only limited damages in a workers’ compensation case, it’s important to seek the advice of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. With over 20 years of experience handling workers’ comp claims, the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin can work with you to try to maximize your recovery and push the insurance company to pay everything required under the law.

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Get a Free Case Evaluation From NC Workers’ Comp Attorneys

Sad but true, the insurance companies do not have to pay you for pain and suffering, and the law lets them get away with that. But that is not good enough for the insurance companies. They may try to add insult to injury by trying to deny you the benefits the law does allow you.

We fight to try to make sure that doesn’t happen. Contact us or call 1-866-900-7078 if you have been hurt on the job, and we can discuss the benefits you may be owed and the best way to try to make the insurance company pay.