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Hit and Run Drivers May be Unlicensed & Uninsured

According to WCNC, a terrible accident occurred on a weekend in early March. The accident left two people dead, including a young child. Tragically, the driver who was responsible for the accident fled the scene instead of staying to see if he could provide any assistance to the injured victims.

The driver has since been arrested and WCNC indicates that it has been determined that he is an undocumented immigrant. WCNC reported that, if convicted for the fatal hit-and-run accident, the driver will be obligated to serve out his jail sentence and will be deported after he has done so.

While it is has not yet been confirmed, there is a good chance that the driver may not have had a valid license or insurance due to his undocumented status. Our car accident attorneys know that many hit-and-run accidents occur because of drivers without the proper license and insurance. Those who are victims of these accidents may be unable to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Hit and Run Drivers and Automobile Insurance

In the state of North Carolina, drivers are all required to have automobile insurance. This insurance protects accident victims because if a driver causes a crash, his or her insurance will pay for damages that the accident victim suffers as a result.

Unfortunately, not every driver obtains insurance despite what the law says. Some drivers do not obtain insurance because they cannot do so, often because they have no valid driver’s license. This is a problem among those who are in the U.S. illegally and who do not have a license as a result, but it is also a problem among many other people as well including those with a suspended license or those who cannot pass a driving test.

Any time a driver has no insurance, that driver presents a great risk to others on the road. If the uninsured driver gets into an accident, he is supposed to pay the bills of any costs that victims incur as a result of the crash. Without insurance, few drivers have assets to cover the medical bills, lost wages and other damages, which can often total in the thousands or hundreds-of-thousands of dollars.

Further, a scared driver with no license or no insurance may be far more likely to hit and run because he knows he is breaking the law due to the lack of insurance. This could result in the victim being injured more seriously than if the driver who caused the crash stays to get medical help.

In situations where the person who causes the crash is an undocumented immigrant, then the problem may be even worse. If the undocumented immigrant has no insurance and is deported after the accident, then there will be no way for the accident victim to obtain compensation. Further, in some cases, there may be added incentive for an undocumented immigrant to leave an accident scene due to fear of being discovered and deported by the police.

What to Do If You Were in a Hit-and-Run with an Uninsured Driver

Accident victims in these circumstances should determine if their own insurance will pay through an uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. Whether an insurer will pay and how much will be paid is going to depend upon the type and extent of coverage the victim bought when he purchased his own auto insurance.  An experienced attorney can help accident victims to review their policy language and information in order to determine if an uninsured motorist claim is a viable solution.

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