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How Soon Do Payments Start for a Workers’ Comp Claim if You Can’t Work at All?

When you miss more than seven consecutive days of work due to a work-related injury, you may qualify for wage loss benefits. You will not be paid for the initial seven days missed unless you are out for more than 21 days. Once you are out of work for seven days, if you can get your claim approved, the insurance company will be responsible to pay “temporary total disability” or TTD benefits on a weekly basis.

The weekly amount of pay you are entitled to is generally two-thirds of your average weekly earnings. In order to calculate this, the insurance company will look at your weekly income for the one year period immediately preceding the injury. If you have worked for your employer for less than a year, the amount will be calculated based on the weekly average wages that you have earned since beginning the job. The maximum weekly benefits you can receive changes every year, but for 2015 the maximum compensation rate is $920.00 per week.

These weekly payments will continue as long as: your treating doctor agrees you are medically unable to work, your employer cannot accommodate your physical restrictions, or until your claim is settled.

Unfortunately, we often see insurance carriers miscalculate TTD benefits. They may omit overtime or bonus pay when they take an average. Or the employer may submit incorrect information about your pay and hours.

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