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None Hurt in Explosion that Destroys Nearly 70-Year-Old Home near Fayetteville

A gas leak may have been the cause of an explosion that destroyed a nearly 70-year-old wooden home southwest of Fayetteville on February 6, 2013, according to a story from WRAL.com. No one was hurt in the explosion.

three firefighters hold a firehose to attempt to put out a fireA Cumberland County sheriff’s deputy who was patrolling the area witnessed the explosion around  1:30 a.m. and caught it all on the dashboard camera in his patrol car.  The house was in the 3300 block of Cumberland Road.

Local, state, and federal investigators are now trying to determine what caused the explosion. It is believed that a gas leak may be to blame.

The house was listed for sale and was vacant at the time of the explosion. No one was injured, but many surrounding homes were damaged. More than a dozen homes were reported to have shattered windows and rocked foundations as a result of the blast. The porch was blown off one house.

North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers

Dangerous gas leaks can be the result of defective equipment or negligence, and the consequences can be deadly. It is not yet known what caused this explosion, and luckily, no one was injured. However, the situation could have been very different had someone been present in the home.

If defective equipment or negligence is to blame for an explosion such as this, persons injured may be entitled to compensation for their injuries or for damage to their property. It is important to talk with a qualified personal injury lawyer to find out what your rights might be.

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