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NC-VA Pileup Nearly 100 Cars Deep

In late March/early April, reports circulated across several major news sources about a pileup of nearly 95 vehicles at the mountainous of the North Carolina-Virginia border. Casualties included a Duke University student and a resident of Iron Station, North Carolina. In addition to these deaths, 25 people were reported injured.

Accident involving many cars on the roadThe accident was prompted by a heavy fog, but according to authorities in a report by CBS, most of the drivers were simply driving too fast for the conditions. Authorities further determined that there were 17 separate crashes that contributed to the wreckage.

CBS further reported that there have been at least six such pileups in the same area since 1997, but the 95 car pile-up on March 31st, was the deadliest.

1% fault could = no compensation in NC

Whenever someone is involved in car crash in NC, it may be important to hire a personal injury attorney because “fault” can play a substantial part in their ability to recover compensation. Under North Carolina’s “Contributory Negligence” law, if you’re found to be even 1% at fault in an accident, you could be barred from any recovery.

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