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Raleigh News And Observer Reports that Advocates are Pushing N.C. Lawmakers to Create a Safety Net for Injured Workers

downtown Raleigh cityscape with blue skiesLast April, the News & Observer reported that 30,000 or more employers do not carry the workers’ compensation insurance required under North Carolina law, leaving thousands of workers vulnerable if they were to become injured on the job. The paper reports that advocates are now pushing North Carolina lawmakers to create a program that would provide a safety net for workers who are injured on the job and are unable to collect compensation from their employers.

The program would help workers who can’t collect benefits because their employers did not have workers’ compensation insurance and who then went out of business or just plain refused to pay the benefits. Some workers can fight their employer for years trying to get the benefits that the courts have ruled they deserve, only to have to rely on government programs such as Medicaid or food stamps in order to get the support they need.

The N&O reported that at least half of the states in the country have programs that offer compensation to workers who are hurt while working for companies that do not carry the required insurance. South Carolina has one such program, and it brings in about $18 million a year through a fee assessed on workers’ compensation policies.

Advocates also suggest better enforcement of existing rules, including penalties for those who don’t carry the insurance.

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