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Seven Involved in Fatal Plane Crash in Georgia

A North Carolina doctor is one of five people confirmed dead after a plane crashed in Thomson Georgia at around 8 p.m. on February 20 according to an article from WRAL. There were seven total people on board and the only two survivors were the pilot and another male passenger.

A small airplane flying against the cloudy sky.The five people dead all had connections to a clinic in Augusta, Georgia. Among them were a surgeon, two ultrasound technicians, a nurse and a secretary. The surgeon was a regular traveler to the  clinic in Augusta. The passengers were traveling for work when the plane crashed.

The plane was forced to abort its landing for an unknown reason and crashed into a sixty foot utility pole shortly after. The pole broke one of the wings and caused a fuel leak which ignited the plane. The plane eventually crash landed in a field about a mile away from the airport.

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