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Social Security Disability Insurance: “Unfit for Work” or Unfit for Publishing?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) has gotten a lot of negative press lately and we, at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, wish to set the record straight.

SSDI is a valuable form of income for honest people that really don’t have any other options.  It’s hard for us to watch those honest people under attack – people who paid into Social Security while they were able to work and were promised that SSDI would be the safety net to catch them, in the event they could no longer work.

happy older man after getting social security disability benefits approvedThe NPR article, “Unfit for Work,” that’s blamed for starting much of the ruckus, relies heavily on personal stories and opinions and it misses some important facts.

The article paints the picture of SSDI beneficiaries as lazy people that are just trying to “pull a check.” But this is not true. Disabled workers, and SSDI itself, need to be protected and preserved, not attacked and disparaged.

When allowed to do its job and properly funded, the SSDI system has sufficient safeguards, checks and balances to ensure fraudulent claims are not successful and that those who have medically improved are terminated from disability benefits and transitioned back into the workforce.

In fact, of the few applicants who are approved, many die within the first five years of receiving benefits (one in five male, and one in seven female). Thus, to say they’re not “seriously impaired” is ridiculous.

The truth is that getting disability benefits requires significant documentation and is driven by medical records.  Objective medical evidence must prove that the disabling impairment is so severe that the applicant is unable to work for more than twelve months or the applicant is terminally ill.

If your Social Security Disability claim has been denied, our NC Social Security Disability team may be able to help. They’re focused day in and day out on helping clients strengthen their claims for Social Security Disability Insurance.

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