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What If I’m a Passenger with a Friend or Family Member, and We Are in an Accident that Was Their Fault?

man sits on the ground and leans against his vehicle after being in an accidentWhen you are driving and get into an accident in which the other driver was at fault, you might not think twice about trying to get the compensation you need for your injuries and damages to your property. But when your friend is driving the car and was at fault in the accident, you might hesitate. After all, you probably don’t want to take legal action against your friend.

You are likely entitled to compensation for your injuries if you are involved in an accident that was not your fault — even if a friend or family member is the person who is at fault. However, it’s usually not your friend or family member who you are going after for those damages; it’s the insurance company.

Insurance coverage is legally required to provide protection against injuries and damages in an accident, so your friend or family member should already be carrying that coverage. When you pursue compensation, you will generally pursue it from that insurance company.

You may also worry that going after your friend or family member’s insurance company for damages will raise their rates. However, as Attorney Michael Jordan points out, in most cases, their rates will already have increased from the accident. There is a cap on how much insurance companies can raise rates for an accident, and chances are that your friend’s policy has already hit that cap after the accident.

While it is important to protect relationships with friends and family members, it is also important to get the medical treatment you need for your injuries and to protect yourself against serious financial losses as a result of injuries or time lost from work. By pursuing the compensation you need, you are targeting the insurance company, not your friend or family member. Deciding not to pursue that compensation will only hurt you in the long run, not help your friend or family member.

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