Community Involvement

Commitment to serving communities in North Carolina

From its earliest days, the firm has been committed to supporting our local communities. That commitment has only grown over time. David Chamberlin, the firm’s Vice President, once described this commitment as "part of the firm's very marrow." Through these endeavors, we don't just "observe" how others are promoting our communities, rather, we partner with them.

Such charitable endeavors also tie us together as a family. Many of our staff members have close, personal relationships with various issues and charities. Supporting them is another way to say — "We care and appreciate you and the issues that are important to you."

How we help make a difference

The firm helps philanthropic organizations by donating not just monetary contributions, but also employee time and in-kind donations of needed supplies such as furniture, food, clothing, and other items.

We encourage you to visit other pages within this website to learn more. Together the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin can — and is — making a difference within our communities.