Economic & Business Losses From Durham Gas Explosion? Let Us Help.

As shuttered Durham businesses and those employed at them try to pick up the pieces from the Durham gas explosion, one burning question remains…

...Who is responsible for the explosion and how am I supposed to pay my bills?

CBS17 news interviewed Attorney Gary Jackson after the explosion to get his thoughts about possible ramifications of the blast. With over 30 years of experience handling business loss and injury claims, Gary said he believes the best possible outcome for all involved would be for the negligent parties to take a proactive approach and step up to the plate.

Sadly, in our experience, negligent parties don’t proactively step up often enough.

That is why we do what we do – try to bring justice to those who have suffered loss. In the world we live in, that justice is financial compensation.

Senior Litigation Attorney Hoyt Tessener agrees, “We provide the only justice our civil justice system allows – money. Money is a poor substitute for death, loss, pain, and a life change. We cannot undo negligence. The best we can do is to try to obtain financial assistance (justice) that can help our clients put their lives back together.”

Just two weeks after the blast, it was estimated that more than $100 million worth of property had been damaged – and counting.

If you or someone you know suffered economic or business damages and disruption due to the Durham gas explosion, and it is not covered by insurance, contact us or call 1-866-900-7078. We stand ready to offer help to fellow Durham residents who have been affected.

What types of damages are you potentially owed?

We are currently investigating claims for business disruption, interference, and loss. Compensation may potentially include:

  • Lost profits
  • Loss of repeat business and goodwill
  • Closing and re-opening costs
  • Staffing issues. Will you have to pay your employees overtime to help re-open? Did you pay staff for the time during which you were closed?
  • Customer attrition

Durham Explosion: Resources for Business Owners

Steps for Durham Business Owners to Take Now

If you do decide to bring a claim not covered by your insurance for any economic damages to your business, it will help support your case if you have copies of:

  • The deed of the damaged property, if you owned it
  • Your lease of the damaged property, if you rented it
  • Your financial records three months before the explosion, and ideally a year before, to show what you have lost
  • An inventory of everything you lost
  • A timeframe of how long it would take for you to go back into business, if even possible
  • Will you have to continue to pay rent at a place that has damages from the explosion?

Out of a job because of a damaged building?

If you were not injured but you were working at one of the damaged buildings, the insurance company representing the negligent party or parties will want you to show that you are trying to mitigate your damages. We urge you to document how much you were making, your hours, and what you are now doing to find another job.

Business owners carry insurance coverage to cover catastrophes, such as the Durham gas explosion. If you are owed damages, it is up to the insurance company to potentially cover them – not the business owner.

Contact Durham NC Attorneys for Guidance & Next Steps

Our lawyers have represented victims of, not only catastrophic events, such as the 9/11* tragedy and the Garner ConAgra Foods plant explosion, we have represented victims suffering business and economic losses, including businesses who lost revenue due to the 2017 Hatteras Bridge blackout.

Since 1997 when we first hung out our shingle in Durham, we have recovered over $950 million** in gross for over 42,000 clients. If you want potential answers, guidance, or just to talk about a possible claim and assess whether you even need an attorney, we would be happy to talk with you.

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*Results obtained prior to joining the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin.

**Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its own merits. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.