About Us

Firm Founder and President, Jim Farrin reminisces, “Right out of law school, I worked as a corporate defense attorney for a large Los Angeles law firm and I hated it. I was not helping anyone or bringing justice to those who need it most.”

So Jim left LA. He moved back to NC and hung out his plaintiff’s shingle in downtown Durham in 1997.

We make a difference not only in our clients' lives, but also in each other's lives. Get our book of heartwarming stories that illustrate why making things better is in our cultural DNA.

Today, the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin represents individuals in a wide array of practice areas – from personal injury, car accident, and workers’ compensation to Social Security disability, class actions, and whistleblower claims. We believe our compassion for clients and our passion for advocating for justice is why our firm has become one of the largest plaintiff’s firms in North Carolina, now with more than 150 employees, including over 40 attorneys.

While our team of attorneys comes with a long list of accolades and accomplishments, they are with us because of their passion for bringing justice to individuals who have been hurt or wronged.

Our attorneys and paralegals, routinely go above and beyond when seeking to try to deliver the maximum results allowed by law for clients. Insurance company tactics don’t intimidate us. In fact, many of our employees previously worked for insurance companies and some of our attorneys worked on the insurance defense side.

What’s more, our client case management software is among the most technologically sophisticated in the legal industry – designed to move cases along faster. (Incidentally, we designed this case management software to accelerate and streamline case management processes. Our patented proprietary software is now something other law firms seek for their own practices.)

Experienced & Passionate NC Attorneys Who Can Fight for Your Rights

If you seek a law firm with a reputation for fighting tooth and nail for their clients and a firm with some of the most technologically advanced software that is designed to move client cases along faster, we invite you to find out more about the practice areas we represent.