Barry Jennings — A Personal Perspective

A determination to help people that started early

Attorney Barry Jennings

Reared in the "one-stoplight" township of Shiloh in rural Camden County, Barry Jennings knew at a young age he wanted to contribute to the state he loved — and the people living within it.

Barry began his career studying animal science at North Carolina State University, hoping to positively impact the poultry and swine industries that play such a vital role in the economy of eastern North Carolina. During college, he had the opportunity to work with the North Carolina Pork Council and developed an interest in the political process. He saw law school as an entry into that political world.

Serving North Carolina and its people

It didn't take him long to realize that he didn't have to be a lawyer to be a politician, but by that time he was entranced by the law's challenges and opportunities. He also knew that through law he could be true to his calling — to serve North Carolina and its people.

Barry began his career working at an insurance defense firm, but — while challenging — he did not find it personally satisfying. However, it did give him critical insight into how insurance companies view workers' compensation claims.

"I knew that as a lawyer working from the 'other side of the table,' I would be able to help the working people of North Carolina — with whom I relate so much — feel comfortable within the legal settings in which they find themselves thrust when they become injured on the job," he said.

"I enjoy helping people work their way to a resolution that they can live with."