Attorney Chelsea Ragan – A Personal Perspective

Chelsea’s desire to help people of all types and backgrounds not only led her into a law career, it’s been a mantra for most of her life.

During college, Chelsea lived in Oaxaca, Mexico for a summer, to study Migration and Third World Development. After that, she spent another summer in Huanchaco, Peru, to participate in the Moche Origins Project.

“Living in other countries really helped me to appreciate everything I’ve been given and instilled a burning desire in me to help others who are less fortunate. That’s why I decided to attend law school – because people tend to need a lawyer in their greatest time of need," Chelsea said.

Throughout college and law school, Chelsea was very active in various community service projects, including serving as president of the American Red Cross Club and as a Program Instructor for the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice’s CHOICES program – a program designed to help young people avoid repeating criminal behaviors.

Her desire to help others is what led her to the public defender’s office and eventually to the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin.

“The feeling that you have done something that significantly impacts another person's life motivates me,” Chelsea said. “A legal aid attorney once told me that it's important to remember that what we do as lawyers at times may seem small to us, but our actions can greatly improve a client's life.”

In her time off, Chelsea enjoys cooking, traveling and exploring North Carolina wineries.