Cristen Bartus - A Personal Perspective

Attorney Cristen Bartus

The summer before she started law school, Cristen Bartus decided to ride her bike across the country. Yet she knew nothing about embarking on such a trip.

A month after making the decision, she had done all the research, purchased a bike, quit her job, and mapped out trails that would take her from Virginia Beach to the west coast. Her plan was to follow the U.S. Bicycle Route 76, which was established in 1976 for the "Bikecentennial ‘76" tour across the United States.

After cycling for a few weeks, she decided she needed a change of scenery and boarded a Greyhound bus to Colorado, where she spent a few weeks exploring on her bike. Then she moved on to Portland, where she picked up her bike tour again and followed her own trail down the west coast to Tijuana, Mexico.

That trip typifies Cristen’s passion for adventure and her talent for thorough research – a trait that led her to North Carolina and that informs her work at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, where she works on personal injury cases and performs in-depth legal research.

Cristen pursued a career in law because it allowed her to combine her talent for research and analysis with her passion for helping people.

"I focus on the details that may make an impact on the big picture for our clients. I love being able to help people get the justice the law provides for their injuries," Cristen said.

Before she moved to North Carolina from her native Toledo, OH, Cristen decided she wanted to move somewhere new and started researching her options.

"We just really loved this area," she said of her and her husband’s choice to move to the Triangle. "There are so many great things to do here – there are a lot of colleges, local music, a great art scene. There are also a lot of businesses, and there’s a lot of development happening here."

Cristen has made herself at home in Durham and continues to explore the local area. She also continues to enjoy getting outside and being active. She and her husband enjoy taking road trips, camping, taking nature tours, and hiking. An active runner, she has participated in some local races. She has even run the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C.