Ryan Bliss - A Personal Perspective

Attorney Ryan Bliss

Ryan always had a passion for humanities in school, especially law. While in college at North Carolina State University, he became a member of the Judicial Board. His dedication to the university’s honor court provided him with a great connection to pre-law associations and a future job with the North Carolina Advocates for Justice (formerly the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers).

As a Statewide Coordinator for the North Carolina Advocates for Justice mock trial competition, Ryan organized a statewide, annual event during which high school students were invited to conduct mock trials in major city courthouses. His work with the North Carolina Advocates for Justice instilled in him the fundamental values that drove him to apply to law school and set him on the path to representing injured workers.

"Helping others has always been an extremely important part of my life," said Workers' Compensation Attorney Ryan Bliss. "That’s why I chose to go into law."

After law school, Ryan worked as a defense attorney and quickly decided that it wasn’t for him. "Representing faceless companies with lots of red tape was not the reason I became a lawyer. I find it much more rewarding to work on the plaintiff’s side – for the injured worker."

Outside of work, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and sons as well as writing and performing original music.