Arm Injuries

Pursuing justice for victims of motorcycle accidents

In a motorcycle accident, you naturally may use your arm to brace for the impact. An injured arm is sometimes referred to as "biker's arm," which can occur when the rider lands on his or her arm. The injury to the arm can range from nerve damage to broken bones or even arm amputation in extreme cases.

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How arm injuries can impact your life

The impact of any type of serious injury, including arm injuries, can be far-reaching. Most jobs and many everyday tasks such as cooking and basic hygiene require the full use of an arm. Our lawyers understand how to show the full impact of any injury and aggressively negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

You may be coping with high medical bills, loss of income and the prospect of long-term care and rehabilitation. Financial difficulties after a motorcycle accident are not uncommon. We will use our resources to pursue maximum financial compensation for your injuries.

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