Leg Injuries

Leg Injuries can result in a permanent loss of mobility

When someone is injured in a motorcycle accident, they can sustain any number of serious injuries, including leg injuries. A leg injury can be debilitating and may result in a permanent loss of mobility. Victims of leg injuries sometimes are unable to work for weeks, months or even permanently, depending on their jobs.

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A leg injury can range in severity. In a less serious case, a rider or passenger may sustain bruises, cuts and scrapes or may have to deal with swelling, pain that last temporarily. Unfortunately, leg injuries in motorcycle crashes typically are more serious. Victims often cope with broken bones and fractures. Bones in the leg that are susceptible to breaking or fracturing include the femur (thighbone), the fibula and tibia (below the knee). Riders also may sustain damage to the knees or the feet and deal with other serious injuries, including road rash.

Amputation in a motorcycle accident

In some cases, a rider or passenger may have to undergo amputation of a limb. Our attorneys are prepared to show the full impact of the injury on your life. You may have to give up a job or everyday activities you may have taken for granted before the accident.

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