Road Rash

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Road rash is a painful motorcycle accident injury that can result in a lengthy rehabilitation and permanent scarring. The injury occurs when the motorcyclist's exposed skin makes contact with the pavement during a crash. Road rash is characterized by injury to the soft tissue, including skin and muscle. Sometimes a rider or passenger sustains road rash along with other injuries, such as leg, arm or head injuries.

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What is road rash?

In minor motorcycle accidents, a rider or passenger may walk away with scrapes and bruises. Road rash, however, can be severe and lead to an infection if dirt or gravel enters deep into the wound.

Our North Carolina personal injury lawyers may be able to help you pursue compensation for medical bills, lost time from work, reconstructive surgery and other costs associated with the accident. In some cases, victims require skin grafting and other medical procedures to recover.

Motorcycle accidents can happen to the safest riders. They may enter an intersection and be struck by a drunk driver or someone who is texting while driving. The quality of your life can change in an instant.

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