Types of Damages in Personal Injury Cases

A closer look at compensation in a personal injury case

"How much is my case worth?" is one of the first questions many injury victims have. It's typically a difficult question to answer at the beginning of a case, since so many factors can come into play. While circumstances are different in every case, in general if you are injured in an accident due to negligence, you have a right to pursue damages, or financial compensation for your loss.

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You may be entitled to damages for out-of-pocket expenses (for example, replacement of property, medical bills, lost wages and rehabilitation).

The following is a brief list of other damages you may be able to pursue:

  • Loss of future earning opportunities
  • Loss of consortium (harm to your marriage)
  • Emotional suffering
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of business opportunities
  • Disability
  • Inability to enjoy life
  • Punitive damages (which are meant to punish the negligent party or parties)

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