What you should look for in a personal injury attorney

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Q: If you were in an accident, what would you look for in an attorney?

A: If I'm in an accident, the first thing I want is an attorney I can trust and believe in. I want that attorney to believe in me, but I want to be able to trust them and know they've got my best interests at heart.

Q: What's the biggest mistake people make who come to the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin that can prevent us from taking their case?

A: The biggest mistake people make before they come to us, there are actually several. One is just taking a long time to come to us, because they may have done things in the meantime that compromise their case.

Some of those things can be lack of treatment, not getting proper treatment, having big gaps in treatment.

Another thing can be too much communication with the adjuster, giving the adjuster all their records. Talking to them too much, letting the adjuster record their statement.

We can repair the damage sometimes, but not every time.

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