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Medical Care

What You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation Medical Care

In the aftermath of a workplace accident, bills related to medical care can quickly skyrocket. If you receive workers’ compensation, you should receive payment for medical care related to the injuries, including a physician’s care, diagnostic testing and medications. However, the insurance carrier has the right to direct medical care and send injured workers to the provider it selects, which can be frustrating to many injured workers.

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If the insurance carrier deems medication or medical treatment as unnecessary, an employee may file a motion with the North Carolina Industrial Commission to compel such treatment. An employee may also be entitled to receive a pre-authorized medication account set up by the insurance carrier in order to avoid the hardship of out-of-pocket costs.

If there is a disagreement about the direction of medical care the North Carolina Industrial Commission may be petitioned to intervene. Employees can benefit from the assistance of our workers’ compensation team to navigate this complex process.

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