A Culture of Ambition & Innovation

Often our clients have been knocked down and face difficult challenges. Whatever their circumstances, our mission is to help and protect them to the full extent the law allows. That is why we must be ambitious and continue to look for innovative approaches.

We are ambition-focused

We are a law firm focused on providing the highest quality legal services for individuals in North Carolina — something we call the James Scott Farrin advantage. We believe combining impressive resources with high standards of performance in pursuit of ambitious goals gives our clients a distinct advantage.

But what makes it work — our secret sauce — is the quality of our people. Bright, innovative, dedicated, driven, passionate professionals on a mission: to build a historically great firm by benefiting our clients.

We are innovation-focused

Our goal has always been to build a great firm. And we realize that doesn’t happen by taking the same approach as everyone else. We innovate to create advantages. We are leaders in applying business principles to the management of a law firm. We’ve received national recognition for our marketing campaigns, organizational systems, and use of technology (including two proprietary software programs we developed).

“When I graduated from law school, there was only one place I wanted to work — James Scott Farrin. For years I have admired the firm for its values and service to others. It is an honor to work here.”

And what’s more, we bring that same spirit of innovation to each case. We expect our attorneys to creatively navigate around obstacles and build powerful cases. Our goal is to create an advantage for every one of our clients.

If you envision yourself thriving in this type of environment, we would love to hear from you. Click here to view current career openings.