Who We Are

Who We Are

Every case is different. The effort and care we put into each one isn’t. It’s what our clients deserve, and the key to our growth.

Who We Are

Every case is different. The effort and care we put into each one isn’t. It’s what our clients deserve, and the key to our growth.


The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin is a nationally recognized personal injury law firm. We’re proud to say we’ve recovered more than $1.4 billion1 for more than 55,000 clients since opening our doors in 1997.

Our Mission: Excellence One Client at a Time

We didn’t start out with 55,000 clients. There were only a handful at first. Our goal was simple: to provide excellent legal representation, one client at a time. Because one happy client quickly becomes two happy clients, and then four, until you have enough to fill an Olympic stadium.

Our ongoing success1 is a result of many factors, which we call the “James Scott Farrin Advantage,” but what makes it work — our secret sauce — is the quality of our people. Bright, innovative, dedicated, driven, passionate professionals on a mission: to benefit our clients and build a great firm.

But we weren’t always a great firm. Our success1 has been hard won. It had to be built, creating and evolving our DNA through every case we have taken on. This is that story.

Discovering Meaning

Jim Farrin, our founder, was hired straight out of Duke University School of Law to work for a firm in California representing corporate clients. It was prestigious, high-profile work — the kind many attorneys aspire to. What it lacked for him, however, was meaning.

Jim Farrin hugs former client Jayla after her settlement.

Jim Farrin hugs former client, Jayla. Watch Jayla’s story here.

Without meaning, there was little motivation. It’s hard to excel at a job you don’t love. Jim even thought about exiting the legal field. But, in 1995, he returned to where his journey with law began — Durham, NC — and took a position with a plaintiffs’ firm.

Jim still remembers the first personal injury case he worked on. It may have seemed like a relatively modest case. But when Jim met with his client to give him the settlement money, he saw what it meant for him. Jim realized at that moment that he had found meaning helping people with their personal injury cases.

This experience led him to open the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin a short time later. We believe that sense of meaning permeates the firm to this day. When we hire, not only do we look for talented people to add to our teams, but they must also be the right fit — people who see their work as a mission to help the “little guy” and keep them from being taken advantage of.

Business North Carolina magazine featuring James Scott Farrin


If you’d like to read the in-depth history of the firm and Jim’s road to success, click here to read Business North Carolina’s feature on Jim Farrin.

Tell Them You Mean Business: The Ads Everyone Knows

When people hear the name, “James Scott Farrin,” they often first think of the iconic television ads, which originally featured actor Robert Vaughn. The campaign has run for more than 20 years, and many clients will tell you that they originally called because, “the man on TV said to ‘Tell them you mean business.’”

While TV made a lot of people aware of our firm, it didn’t make them satisfied clients. That, we had to earn.

Law Offices of James Scott Farrin TV commercial with the Hurtline number

Keys to Our Growth and How They Affect Your Case

After achieving some initial success,1 we wanted to help as many people as we could. So we set the audacious goal of becoming one of the largest, most successful plaintiffs’ law firms in our state — at a time when we weren’t the largest law firm in our own building. A pattern began. We set ambitious goals and as we achieved them, we set more ambitious ones. The natural byproduct was more growth. We were even named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

Broadly speaking, our recipe for success has been dedication to excellence for our clients and an ambition to build something great. Some of the specific ingredients are:

High Quality People

Person icon in a gold emblem.

High Quality People

It begins with talent. The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin focuses on hiring highly talented people. And success has fed more success, as talented people have wanted to join a team that seems to be winning and on the move.1 But we are not just looking for talent; we also want people who care for our clients, who give back to the community, who are good teammates. The right people working together the right way gives us the best chance to be successful. Does that sound like you? Take a look at our open job opportunities.

The Right Culture

Navy blue puzzle piece.

The Right Culture

We’re proud to say we were recognized as the Best Place to Work locally. Our culture helps us to attract and retain great people. High quality people want to work with other high quality people in a healthy environment that lets them focus on what’s important: trying to get great results for clients. Our culture is the compass that points every employee at every level in a common direction.

Achieving Efficiency…

Gold and white mechanical gears.

Achieving Efficiency…

We want our clients to get every penny they deserve, but we understand that many of them need those funds sooner rather than later. No one wants their case to drag out for years if they can help it. For us, it’s not just how much we try to get; it’s how fast we can get it without compromising the amount. We try to do that by handling cases efficiently, and by reducing any unnecessary delays. It’s gratifying when people comment that we operate like a well-oiled machine.

…Through Innovation

A rocket ship with blue fins.

…Through Innovation

We have received recognition for our marketing campaigns, organizational systems, and for the way we run our law firm. Other law firms often come to us to learn how they can be more efficient and technologically advanced. But what really sets us apart is our drive for innovation — for finding a better way. That’s led us to create our own software, which allows us to move cases even more expeditiously. It’s also led us to improve our systems repeatedly. Our ambition is to grow and get better for our clients, and innovation is one of the central ways we do that.

How Opportunity Evolved Us

When we took on the “Black Farmers” case, known in legal circles as Pigford II, we accepted a massive logistical challenge and a leading role in one of the largest civil rights cases in United States history. We had to arrange meetings with many thousands of Black farmers across the country in less than six months, and evaluate and help them submit their claims to the court (among a great many other challenges).

The years of hard work, organizational challenges, and hard-won experience from that case made us even better. It’s imprinted on our DNA, and made us more capable of handling any challenges we may face.

Protestors with signs for the Pigford II Black Farmers case


If you combine all of our hard-won experience, our desire to make a real, positive difference for our clients, and the methodologies we continue to hone and perfect, you find power. We use these strengths on behalf of our clients. That’s what we call the “James Scott Farrin Advantage.”

A Formidable Team

60+ attorneys

Many of our 60+ attorneys are recognized professionals in their fields. They’ve won awards, authored books, and teach seminars for other attorneys.

A Strong Track Record

Strong Track Record

We’ve generated more than $1.4 billion for more than 55,000 clients since 1997. Plus, we led a team of firms in a historic class action case against the United States government that resolved for $1.25 billion.1

Other Side Experience

Other Side Experience

We know how the other side works because we have several former insurance adjusters, defense firm attorneys, and even a former state senator on staff.

No Attorney’s Fee Unless We Get You Compensation2

No Fee

We’re confident in our people, so we work on a contingency fee arrangement, which means we don’t charge an attorney’s fee if we don’t get a result for you – guaranteed.

No Waiting Around

No Waiting

Simply put: cases don’t collect dust here. Our proprietary software and streamlined processes have earned national recognition and lots of praise from our clients.

What Our Clients Say

That’s our story. Here’s what our clients have to say:

five star review badge Former Personal Injury Client, Online Facebook Review
...honesty, communication, and trust
...honesty, communication, and trust are just a few words that come to mind when I think of the attorneys, paralegals, and staff at JSF. Their patience, kindness, and commitment to excellence helped get me through a very difficult time. I recommend them over and over again. 1
five star review badge Former Auto Accident Client, Online Google Review
I had an amazing experience with James Scott Farrin.
I had an amazing experience with James Scott Farrin. They were consistent and answered all questions and catered to all my needs. Thank you so much. If you [need] any assistance with any accidents, I highly recommend James Scott Farrin for your legal team. 1
five star review badge Former Car Accident Client, Online Google Review
I cannot thank you enough
I cannot thank you enough for the assistance at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin located in Greensboro, NC. Using their legal [experience] and combining their professionalism heightened my expectations throughout the course of my case here. 1
five star review badge Former Car Crash Client, Online Google Review
After being pushed around by the adjusters, I decided to contact James Scott Farrin.
After being pushed around by the adjusters, I decided to contact James Scott Farrin...they educated me [about] the process. They not only worked things out to protect me, they also educated me on what could happen in the future. I recommend them to anyone! 1
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Testimonials do not reference all the feedback the firm has received. Each case is different and must be evaluated on its individual facts. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome can be achieved in the future.