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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Informational Only
The material on this website has been prepared by The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin (“the Firm”) for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Transmission of the material on this site is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. This information is not intended to substitute for obtaining legal advice from an attorney. Specific legal issues, concerns and conditions always require the advice of appropriate legal professionals. You should not consider, and we do not intend, that any information you find here necessarily applies to your specific situation or that an attorney-client relationship is created by your use of this web site or by sending a message to the Firm or any of our attorneys.

While we have carefully attempted to provide accurate information, the law varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and is continually evolving. We cannot make any representation, and cannot assume any liability, for the content, accuracy, timeliness, completeness or other aspect of the information here or at any other site to which links may be provided. By including a link to another site, the Firm intends no endorsement or implied association with any other site, organization or individual.

Ethical Considerations
This website may be considered advertising in some jurisdictions under the applicable law and ethical rules. The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before deciding to retain an attorney, you should speak with that attorney to ensure the attorney has the requisite knowledge and experience to handle your particular situation. Our attorneys do not wish to enter into a representation with anyone desiring representation based on viewing these materials in a state or other jurisdiction where this web site fails to comply with the laws and professional responsibility rules of that state or jurisdiction. We reserve the right to decline any representation. We may be required to decline representation if it would create a conflict of interest with our other clients.

Place of Business
The Firm has represented clients throughout the United States. Our attorneys, however, are only licensed to practice in state courts that are specifically enumerated in their individual attorney profiles.  We have offices in NC and SC, and we do not hold ourselves out as being authorized to practice in other jurisdictions. We do have affiliations in particular cases with attorneys licensed to practice in other state courts throughout the United States. To the extent State Bar rules require us to designate a principal office and/or single attorney responsible for this site, the Firm designates J. Gabe Talton as the attorney responsible for this site, located at 280 South Mangum Street, Suite #400 in Durham, North Carolina.

Electronic Communication
Although we welcome e-mail comments or suggestions about the website or inquiries about the Firm’s legal services, please do not include details about your legal problem or reveal any sensitive information in your message as such communication may not be secure. We cannot become your lawyers unless we know that doing so will not create a conflict of interest and we have agreed on satisfactory terms for the representation. No electronic communication to this website or to any of our attorneys shall create an attorney-client relationship; nor shall it be construed as an attorney-client or otherwise privileged or confidential communication. Statutes of limitation may apply to your claim. We encourage you to contact an attorney to review your claim as soon as possible. You cannot be considered a client until we have accepted your case and you have signed a retainer agreement with our Firm.

Case Review
Submission of any information to the Firm for the purpose of a legal case review does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Neither the review nor contact constitutes an attorney-client relationship and representation for your claim does not commence until specifically agreed via a written Retainer Agreement between you and the Firm. Upon representation, our Firm may associate another lawyer or law firm to work on your claim.

All cases are different; we cannot promise any specific results. Each case must stand on its own facts and circumstances. Any cases mentioned in this site are illustrative of the array of claims handled by the Firm involving various areas of law. These illustrations, though based upon cases handled by this office, are representative only and should not be viewed as an assurance of a particular result. All testimonials are actual statements, edited only for readability. In some cases, names have been omitted and models’ photos have been used to protect the declarant’s privacy.


The Firm has created this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to protecting your information and to informing you about how we handle private information. This privacy policy only applies to the activities in which you engage and the data gathered on the website and does not apply to any other website, or offline point of contact with the Firm.

Acceptance of Policy Provisions
Each time you visit the website or provide us with information you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy. Any questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Firm’s webmaster at Webmaster, 280 South Mangum Street, suite #400 Durham, NC 27701.


Cookies Collected for the Purpose of Analysis
We may collect cookies from your browser that detail your IP address for the purpose of analyzing visitor behavior on this website, such as clicks, page views, demographics and browsing patterns. If you wish to disable these cookies, the “help” portion of the toolbar on most browsers will tell you how. The Firm does not serve ads on this website provided by third parties.

Collection of Email Addresses and Contact Information for Legal Case Reviews
If you wish for our Firm to contact you to discuss your potential claim with you, you must provide us with personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address, so that we may contact you for a case review. We collect the information you provide to us for possible legal case review.

Links to Other Sites
This website may contain links to other websites. The Firm does not control third party sites, nor their privacy policies. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of these sites to determine use of any personal information.


Corrections to Inaccurate Information
If you feel the individually identifiable information we have about you, that is, your email address, is in error, you may correct it by contacting us at the mailing address, phone, or email address listed above.

How Errors will be Corrected
If you wish for your email address to remain in our database, the webmaster will update the database with the correct information as provided by you within seven to ten business days of receipt. You will receive a follow-up email verifying your change of address.

Database Access
Access to your personally identifiable information, in the form of your email address, is restricted to the webmaster of this website, and used internally to contact you if you have requested us to do so.

Date of last revision
This privacy policy was last updated on April 15, 2009. Please review this privacy policy often, as it may be updated periodically.