Personal Injury

When you’re hurt due to someone’s negligence, what do you do?

We can help you seek all the compensation you may deserve.

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This page refers to Personal Injury in North Carolina.

Since laws differ between states, if you are located in South Carolina, please click here.

Our North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Seek Max Compensation

Have you been injured by the careless behavior or negligence of another? If this injury has kept you from work, you may be stressed about paying bills and providing for your family. We understand – because we help injured people navigate their personal injury cases every day, and we are committed to helping our clients fight for as much compensation as possible, as quickly as possible.

We believe everyone deserves quality legal representation, so we work on a contingency fee basis. That means we don’t collect an attorney’s fee unless we get compensation for you – guaranteed.2 That also means no upfront costs or hourly fees for you to worry about.

If you have suffered an injury to your body, mind, or emotions as a result of the actions of another, we can help. We will put your needs first as we fight for your rights.

Since we opened our doors in 1997, we have helped 60,000+ injured individuals recover more than $1.6 billion in total for the harms and losses they suffered.1 Don’t hesitate to call us today at 1-866-900-7078 for a free case evaluation.

Dog Bites Can Be Serious and Complicated Cases

An injury lawyer can help you understand how North Carolina’s “One Bite Rule” affects your specific case and how to handle the state’s high standard for proving negligence in dog bite cases. The state’s contributory negligence standard can also come into play in cases like these, which means that if you are found to be even 1% negligent for your injury, the insurance company may deny you compensation. We can help you counter insurance company tactics.

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Innocent Burn Victims Deserve Justice

Our personal injury lawyers know the ins-and-outs of injury law, and they understand how traumatic burn injury cases can be. Whether you are dealing with a personal injury claim or a workers’ compensation claim, we have a team of caring individuals who can assist you every step of the way.

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Are You or a Loved One a Victim of Medical Malpractice?

On occasion, the professionals we trust to care for us are sometimes negligent in that duty. If you believe the carelessness of a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy caused you harm, you can seek compensation in a medical malpractice case. Our injury lawyers know how to pursue justice for you, including taking your case to trial if needed.

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You Don’t Have to Handle a Wrongful Death Case by Yourself

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, a personal injury lawyer can help you navigate your legal options to try to recover damages for your loss. Our wrongful death team can answer your questions, handle the insurance companies and other parties, and shoulder the burden of your case while you focus on your family.

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Other Common Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

We handle many different types of personal injuries in North Carolina, and we have committed teams of lawyers who work with clients who have been injured in these types of cases:

We’re proud to have assisted tens of thousands of people restore balance back to their lives and get compensated for their injuries.1 See what our clients have to say about their experiences with our firm!

Injured in an auto accident? Call us at 1-866-900-7078 today and get a free professional opinion on your case.

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We Can Help With Many Other Types of Injury Cases

A personal injury case can be any situation in which someone is hurt and another party is at fault. The greater the amount of potential damages, the more important it is to find an attorney who can give your situation the care and attention it deserves.

An experienced personal injury attorney can significantly increase your odds of receiving maximum compensation.

We can help you with cases including:

“As an attorney, it was important to me to find a reputable, professional law firm to handle my personal injury claim. I will always refer my students, friends, and even fellow legal colleagues to this firm.”1

–C.T., NC Attorney, Online Review

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Put Our Experience to Work for You

Experience matters. When you’re hurt, our team of North Carolina personal injury lawyers is ready to answer your questions and guide you through difficult circumstances:

  • Since 1997, our attorneys have helped tens of thousands of personal injury victims recover hundreds of millions of dollars in total compensation. And counting.1

  • Many of our attorneys are recognized professionals in the personal injury field. They have taught seminars for other attorneys, have served as contacts for the media, and two literally helped write the book on personal injury liens – showing other attorneys how to try to put as much money in clients’ pockets as possible.
  • Several team members previously worked for insurance defense firms, so we understand their motivations and tactics. And how to counter them.
  • In 2024, Best Lawyers in America honored several of our personal injury lawyers on its “Best Lawyers” list and its “Ones to Watch” list.4

If you were hurt by another through no fault of your own, we can help. We have many offices throughout North Carolina, can handle things remotely, or we can come to you anywhere across the state.

Your case is important to us. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Call us today at 1-866-900-7078 for a free case evaluation with no obligation.

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