No Attorney’s Fee Unless You Recover – Contingency Fee

Risk-Free Guarantee

We don’t collect an attorney’s fee at all if we don’t get compensation for you.2

No Upfront Costs. No Hourly Fees.

When you’re in a situation where you need legal representation, you’ve probably already got a lot on your mind. You may be dealing with an injury caused by another driver, or from work, or a defective product. Perhaps you’re not getting the benefits you believe you deserve. Maybe you fear for your job, or your health, or your family’s future. Now, you’re worried about the cost of a lawyer to look out for your best interests.

We’re here to try and help you with all of it, and we’ll start with the last one: we do not collect an attorney’s fee2 unless we recover for you. Keep reading to learn more.

If we don't recover for you, you pay no attorney's fee.2


How Does the Firm Get Paid?

The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin operate on what is known as a contingency fee. We collect a percentage of the gross recovery, meaning what we make is contingent on what we recover for you. That means there are no upfront costs, and no hourly fees to worry about. There may be other fees associated with your case, but there won’t be an attorney’s fee unless we get you compensation!

The contingency fee arrangement allows people who would not have the funds to retain a lawyer at the outset of a case to hire quality legal representation when they need it most.

“If we don’t achieve a result for a client, we don’t get an attorney’s fee. I love that because — if we can’t get someone a result, I don’t want a fee. We’re not paid on the hours we work on the case or the time we put in. We have one incentive, and that is to get our client a result.”2 — James S. Farrin, Founder and President

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The Benefits of Working on a Contingency Fee

Every firm, including ours, has a fee agreement.  As noted above, we earn a percentage of the gross recovery we get for you. This arrangement is advantageous in a few important ways.

  • It eliminates a common barrier to representation. People generally only call an attorney when they need one, and unlike calling a doctor, there’s not an insurance provider underwriting the visit. People tend to be afraid of spending money with nothing to show for it. A contingency fee means you’re not spending anything on the attorney unless they get you compensation.2 Our compensation never comes out of your pocket.
  • It encourages the attorney and the firm to be efficient. When you’re working for an hourly fee, the way to make money is to bill more hours. When you’re working on a contingency, it’s not the number of hours billed that matters, it’s the result. Furthermore, it’s how quickly the potential recovery is reached. We call this fighting for “as much as possible, as quickly as possible.”
  • The numbers are known from the start, so there’s no guessing game. When your case concludes, billable hours won’t be eating up most or all of the recovery.

Contingency Fee Example1

Even with a lawyer fee, having an attorney led to a higher settlement & net outcome for the client.

Jane Doe is hurt in a car accident caused by another driver. She has a few pre-existing conditions, but the accident aggravates them.

Without an attorney: the insurance company offers $30,000, and refuses to budge. Jane’s treatment expenses are $25,000. For the pain, inconvenience, and all future ramifications, she has $5,000 left over.

With an attorney: Jane’s lawyer counters the settlement offer, pointing out errors, using evidence to make new points, and making it clear that Jane deserves more. After further negotiation, the settlement is agreed at $90,0001. After treatment expenses of $25,000 and the contingency fee of $30,000, Jane has $35,000 for her pain, inconvenience, and to cover any future complications she might experience from her injuries.

Powerful Experience in Your Corner, Not in Your Wallet

Thanks to the contingency fee arrangement, clients can more easily draw on over 250 combined years of experience from more than 60 attorneys at a firm that has helped over 65,000 people. And pay $0 up front for their attorney out of their wallet.2

We have several NC State Bar Board Certified Specialists in Workers’ Compensation Law, and one NC State Bar Board Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law. That means the North Carolina State Bar has certified them as having demonstrated extensive knowledge, skill, and proficiency in those specific areas of law.

Our personal injury attorneys boast more than 150 years of combined experience. Some of our personal injury advocates have more than 15 years of experience. Several others have more than ten.

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