Attorney Jason Campbell – A Personal Perspective

Attorney Jason Campbell

Grandmother influence shaped how he works with clients

When Jason Campbell first graduated from the University of Michigan Law School, his constitutional law professor suggested that Jason join one of Michigan’s leading eminent domain firms. He did and what he found set the course for his career.  He loved working for landowners, and he was instrumental in the outcome of a significant case his first year. 

“As I began working in condemnation law, I found that I really liked what I did,” Jason said. “It was the perfect blend of finance and real property – plus it felt really great to be able to help people in such a practical way.”

After his wife also graduated from law school, they moved to North Carolina.

“We love North Carolina and have found this to be a great place to raise a family,” Jason said. “We have lived here almost 20 years and both of our children were born here. We are all proud to call North Carolina home.” 

Jason’s approach with his clients is largely influenced by his grandmother.

She grew up in rural West Virginia.  When she was in her 70s, the city decided to widen the road in front of her house and used the power of eminent domain to take some of her property for the widening. Jason’s grandmother had other plans. As the story goes, she threatened the construction workers with a pearl-handled pistol. The sheriff had to be called. 

A strong desire to protect the rights of landowners

“Whether you are rich or poor, whether you have a lot of land or a little, my goal is to make sure that every landowner has a voice and receives just compensation for giving up their land – a right so important that it is enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution,” Jason said. “I hope that if I had been able to represent my grandmother, that her experience would have been a better one.”

In his spare time, Jason is involved in the activities of his children, runs and plays guitar.  He loves being outdoors.

Jason is a member of Christ Episcopal Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, and recently taught a two-year intensive bible study class.  He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Community Partnerships, a non-profit that provides critical services to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities throughout the continuum of their lives - from infancy through adulthood.