LaDonna Williams — A Personal Perspective

An understanding of the difference lawyers can make

Attorney LaDonna Williams

LaDonna Williams did not set out to become an attorney. But shortly after graduating from high school she took a position as an office manager for an insurance defense firm. She continued in that position while pursuing a sociology degree in the evenings at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC.

The office manager position shaped the rest of her career.

What began as a basic office management position grew to include help with actual case review, research and strategic planning. LaDonna became intrigued by how the lawyers went about planning their legal strategy from the day they were introduced to the case to the date of the trial.

She was also heartened by the positive difference personal injury lawyers were able to make in the lives of everyday people.

A determination and drive to serve those injured in accidents

While LaDonna was becoming impressed with personal injury law, her colleagues were becoming impressed with her hard work and inquisitiveness. Seeing her potential, they actively encouraged her to pursue a law degree.

After several years, LaDonna decided to enroll in law school.

"It was a big decision to quit my job and pursue a law degree," she said. "It was also intimidating to be an older student, but I did well and got along with the other students."

During the week, LaDonna lived with friends in Durham while attending law school at North Carolina Central University. On weekends, she returned to her home in Winston-Salem. During school breaks, she continued to work for the firm that encouraged her to become a lawyer, taking on more and more responsibilities as her education progressed.

Eventually she decided to expand her horizons. One summer, she worked as a legal clerk for a different law firm to explore other practice areas. After graduation from law school, she worked for a year as a Law Clerk for a Federal Magistrate. But no other practice area appealed to her quite as much as personal injury law.

"I'm a preacher's daughter," she said. "I was raised in a family where you deal with people in good times and in bad times. That was ingrained in me. That is what drove me to personal injury law."

Work ethic inspired by parental involvement

In addition to her commitment to helping others, LaDonna credits her parents for her strong work ethic.

"My father worked two full-time jobs (residential construction and ministry) and raised a family. He was always there for us," she said. "My parents ingrained in us – work hard, do a good job and care about those you are working with."

LaDonna was attracted to the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin because it afforded her the ability to focus solely on personal injury law. She was also attracted to the firm's commitment to its employees and the outside community.

When she is not working, LaDonna enjoys motorcycle riding with her father, traveling, reading, and generally spending time with family and friends.