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Personal Injury Attorneys in Charlotte, NC

Getting hurt due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence is as frustrating as it is painful. Now you have to deal with the medical bills, the lost work, the life disruptions, the discomfort, and any long-term consequences. That’s where an experienced Charlotte personal injury attorney can help.

What’s the Process for Filing a Charlotte Personal Injury Claim?

That depends on how you were hurt. It’s a good idea to contact an attorney to get your case moving. Personal injury law encompasses almost any kind of harm or loss you could suffer because of the negligence of or lack of precaution by someone else. Car accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and more. Whether you’re looking for a Charlotte dog bite lawyer or a brain injury attorney, we may can help you with your claims process.

How Do I Pay My Medical Bills While the Case is Still Open?

If you suffer an injury in Charlotte, your health insurance, if you have it, should help with medical expenses. Everything else – utilities, car and housing costs, and so on – is your responsibility. Some people take out personal loans. What you really need is for matters to be resolved as quickly as possible for as much as possible. That’s our goal for all our clients with Charlotte personal injury attorney needs.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Attorney in Charlotte Cost?

Attorneys generally charge in one of two ways: hourly fee or contingency fee. Our Charlotte injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis,2 meaning there is no out-of-pocket lawyer cost for you. A contingency fee means we are paid a portion of the gross settlement. In other words, we don’t get paid an attorney’s fee unless you get paid.

How Often Do Injury Accidents Occur in Charlotte Each Year?

The Mecklenburg County Health Department has statistics for “unintentional injuries,” which include things like car crashes and accidental poisonings. While the 2017-2018 stats do not state an occurrence metric, they do reveal a great deal about the danger of injury in Mecklenburg County:

  • Injury was the leading cause of death for residents of Mecklenburg County from age 1 to age 44, as opposed to illness.
  • The leading cause of Mecklenburg County Emergency Room visits was falls.
  • From 2012-2016, there were 1,456 deaths from unintentional injury in the county, resulting in 33.3 years of life lost per death – meaning these victims are often middle aged or in their primes.
  • Unintentional injury was the 3rd leading cause of death in Mecklenburg County in 2016, but only the 6th leading cause for the state of North Carolina.

Why Hire Us as Your Personal Injury Attorney in Charlotte, NC?

The experienced personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin are dedicated to helping clients seek all the compensation they may deserve, and strive to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since 1997, our firm has successfully helped more than 55,000 clients, and recovered more than $1.4 billion in total compensation on their behalf.1 Call us any time at 1-866-900-7078, or contact our Charlotte office for more information.

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five star review badge Former Car Accident Client, Online Google Review
It was such a great experience working with James Scott Farrin.
It was such a great experience working with James Scott Farrin. I always thought working with lawyers would be a hassle. James Scott Farrin handled everything. They checked on me during the entire process, and they still reach out to make sure everything is going [well]. 1
five star review badge Former Automobile Accident Client, Online Google Review
I love the staff at James Scott Farrin.
I love the staff at James Scott Farrin. They are organized, nice, [and] friendly, and they seem to be very family-oriented. I've just recently referred another client to them because I know they will take care of her. 1
five star review badge Former Car Wreck Client, Online Google Review
I received excellent care and communication from everyone.
I received excellent care and communication from everyone. … They kept me updated on my case, [and] they even called just to see how I was doing. It was obvious everyone genuinely cared and was going to do what was best for me. 1

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