Meet Alex

Meet Alex

Meet Alex

A police officer who had seen plenty of accidents was suddenly involved in one of his own. Driving home from work on his motorcycle, Alex was hit. Injured and dealing with an uncooperative insurance company, he decided to call the HURTLine.

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As a North Carolina police officer, Alex had been called to the scene of many accidents. He never considered that he would be involved in one – especially while riding his motorcycle.

And he certainly thought he knew enough about accident recovery and insurance companies that he would never need to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. Yet Alex was in a motorcycle wreck. When he realized the insurance company was not going to give him fair compensation, he knew he’d need a good lawyer.

Alex thought long and hard about our well-known advertising and community presence and decided to let us take a swing.

Here is Alex’s story.

“The Crash the At-Fault Driver Didn’t See Coming”

On Alex’s way home from work one evening, a car began to head in his direction of travel. Alex was riding his “big red motorcycle,” and he was hoping the driver saw him coming. Apparently the driver did not and she pulled directly in front of Alex.

“I just hit the side of her van. I had nowhere to go. I didn’t have time to think about looking anywhere else to avoid her. [The crash was] just unavoidable.”

Alex’s body broke quite a bit of the motorcycle when he was propelled forward upon impact. Both wrists and thumbs were severely sprained. His left arm was bruised, and the skin was sheared off both shins. His lower back was sore for a while.

EMS arrived on the scene. His motorcycle was towed away, and he never saw it again.

“Next morning I felt like a train had run over me and it took a while to assess what was going on,” Alex shared.

The Insurance Wreck Alex Didn’t See Coming

Almost immediately after the wreck, the at-fault driver’s insurance company seemed eager to settle quickly.

“We’ll pencil-whip you a check,” is how Alex described their manner.

Alex was shocked when the offer came in “ridiculously low.” He tried to negotiate a better offer. “They turned cold, they wouldn’t return calls. I got some snippy adjuster that had gone out and looked at the bike – pretty rude,” he said.

It was then that Alex realized the insurance company was not trying to help him at all or look out after his interests as they wanted him to believe. They were looking out for their own bottom line.

That’s when he called us.

Let Them Take a Swing

As a police officer who has taken reports at accident scenes, Alex had developed a few preconceived notions about our firm.

“Well, I don’t want to be an ambulance chaser,” he admitted. “From being a cop, you see that all the time. Somebody gets rear-ended, they fall out into the street, holding their neck, wanting an ambulance ride.”

But when he realized that the insurance company was not willing to play nice, he thought long and hard about our well-known advertising and community presence and decided to let us take a swing.

“From the ads on TV I’d seen many times, and people would joke about the HurtLine, and I said ‘Well, it’s haha ‘til you need [them].’

“And so I called and the next morning, I mean by sunrise, there was a packet on my doorstep with a copy of the accident report and all the other pieces that are in the packet to explain what to do, what not to do.”

Alex felt like he finally had some firm direction on next steps. “It gave [me] immediate direction and it also took a lot of the burden [concerning] who to contact and what to do next.”

Insurance Company “Reevaluates” Offer

He explained that as soon as the James Scott Farrin legal team began to deal with the insurance company, he got a response within a week saying that they had “reevaluated” their compensation offer. Not only did they pay off Alex’s motorcycle, but they offered him additional compensation.

“Apparently you got their attention,” Alex acknowledged.

From day one, Alex was impressed with our timely response to his needs. “That packet on the door the next morning impressed me. And then when I called, the attorney … I said, ‘Well the accident report is wrong.’ And within, 24–36 hours [the police] had amended the accident report.”

Making Things Easier

When Alex first called our offices, he was amazed at how “over the top, well trained, and polite” those who answered the phones were.

“I think most people want to hear a pleasant voice at the other end of the phone,” he said.

When Alex talked to a paralegal for the first time, he was dumbfounded that she gave him a variety of ways to contact her and encouraged him to do so, as needed. The paralegal explained in detail how events might unfold during the case, and she kept Alex up to date.

“This is a difficult endeavor when you’re embarking on post-wreck…” Alex admitted. Yet he was very satisfied after he had contacted us. For Alex, his experience went from difficult before we got involved to “easy.”

Injuries, no matter the extent, can have life-altering consequences. However for an active client like Alex, it was truly difficult. He was out of work while his injuries mended. When he finally did return to the police department, he had to take it easy for a bit.

Typical in many accident cases, financial difficulties ensued but Alex never gave up. He was a model client. He heeded our advice to follow his doctor’s orders and he kept up with his medical treatment and physical therapy.

“A Burden Was Lifted”

Alex was pleasantly surprised with the final results.

“Having this much attorney at my disposal, this much law office. I would never have anticipated having a building… right behind the Durham Bulls stadium, with a name that big on the side of it, as [my] attorney … an attorney of that power, that caliber, work for [me].

Alex was comforted by our strengths, which he describes as “…your history, knowledgeable staff, and the execution at each step of the process that made it all come together.”

Since hiring the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin to fight for the compensation that Alex deserved, he feels as though a burden was lifted.

“The motorcycle settlement was cleared up after I hired you guys, which took a big financial burden off, and then having some direction with my medical bills, knowing that was going to be monitored as things went. And [being] told your biggest concern was my recovery and getting well, making sure I was completely well, or the best I could be,” Alex said.

He added, “Then the monetary realization at the end helped… It’s a lot of work, and [there are] a lot of people involved here to pull all that together.”

“I Felt Special”

Alex said that, in his opinion, the service we provide at James Scott Farrin is probably above what someone would expect.

“I would assume that an office of this size would be extremely busy… Maybe my case [wasn’t] very big in the grand scheme of things, but you made me feel like it was a very big case, and always responded quickly.”

Alex confided that he was impressed with how he was treated.

‘”I felt special,” he said. “…I don’t know if there’s anything better that I’m aware of.”

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