Meet Berniece R.

Meet Berniece R.

Meet Berniece R.

Berniece R. was picking up mail for her employer. On that day, the roads were slick, and one of her mail carts tipped over. When she picked up the cart, her left shoulder popped, causing her agonizing pain. Her work injury made life more challenging.

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How Our Firm Helped an Injured Workers’ Compensation Client1

Employers purchase workers’ compensation insurance because they are legally required by law to do so in North Carolina and South Carolina, with some narrow exceptions. They are buying that insurance so that they won’t have to pay out-of-pocket if one of their employees gets hurt while on the job.

When you get hurt at work, you may expect your coworkers and your employer to sympathize with your situation. After all, you work with them every day, and everyone probably knows everyone in some capacity. However, when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance, your employer may not be as forthright about helping you get the most benefits possible because it can raise their premium. They may even try to terminate or demote you under the guise of another reason.

Not only is that unfair to you, but what they’re doing may be against the law.

This is Berniece’s story.

When Employers Turn Against You

Mrs. Rawls was a lock box officer for a bank. She was working one December day, picking up mail for her employer. On that day, the roads were slick, and one of her mail carts tipped over. When she picked up the cart, her left shoulder popped, causing her agonizing pain. It’s important to note here that Mrs. Rawls is left-hand dominant, so her work injury made life more challenging.

She had injured her rotator cuff, and soon after her employers found out she was hurt, they terminated her.

“I was working one day and then they called me in a conference room and that was it. They walked me to the door,” said Mrs. Rawls.

She would soon have to have two surgeries done on her left shoulder to try to get it as close to how it was before. She was out on disability for a while as she went through physical therapy. She had to learn how to function and use her left arm, even with the pain. Eventually, she just became accustomed to it.

To make things worse, her employer, who was set to be a witness on her behalf for her workers’ compensation claim, turned against her.

Fighting Back: Why Did She Call James Scott Farrin?

“Well, I was at home recovering and I had been seeing the ‘We Mean Business’ advertising on television. I had called one law firm asking if they could help me and they turned me away. I decided to try calling James Scott Farrin after seeing that ad, and they were on it! I called over the weekend and I was very pleased because someone was there to take my call. I didn’t even have to wait until Monday to talk to someone!” she exclaimed.

“Someone came out to our house the following week, interviewed me, and then took on my case. I was very satisfied every step of the way because they kept me informed what was going on,” said Mrs. Rawls.

“I Was Very Pleased with the Outcome of My Case”1

Mrs. Rawls recalled that the legal team that helped her at Farrin was highly professional, highly responsive, and kept her informed. She felt like they really listened to her and heard what she had to say. They also got her case resolved relatively quickly.*

Her husband, Mr. Rawls, was also pleased with his wife’s care and joked, “My wife is not a patient person, and Farrin got it done for her quickly. They communicated with her on a regular basis, and frequently enough that we weren’t left wondering. We didn’t really have to ask.”

“I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. I tell my friends, ‘Go to James Scott Farrin. He did it for me; he’ll do it for you.’ You may not remember every detail of your case, but I’ll always remember that it was a good outcome,* and that [the legal team at Farrin] treated me right.”

When you’ve partnered with the right law firm, you should feel heard and taken care of – those personal touches can make all the difference. Fostering that trust and relationship is one of our goals. We saw that Mrs. Rawls had been given the short end of the stick, limiting her options for the foreseeable future, and she needed our help.

Every day, the workers’ compensation attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin navigate through cases where people have felt like no one was on their side, and the weight of the world was on their shoulders.

We’re more than happy to bear that burden for you so you can focus on healing.

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