Meet Catherine S.

Meet Catherine S.

Meet Catherine S.

Catherine served our country for over 30 years in the military prior to working as a mail carrier. She suffered serious injuries in a car accident which resulted in a broken jaw, a brain bleed, short term memory loss and a two-week hospitalization when she was injured on-the-job.

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30-Year War Vet Says Calling Us Was Her Lifesaver1

Catherine served our country as a military veteran since 1976 – three tours of duty in Iraq. She began right out of high school as a jet engine mechanic on F-4s, and by the time she retired she was managing an entire airfield.

Catherine grew up with a strong work ethic. She worked at a Hardee’s during high school. She joined the military right after high school, and after retiring from military duty, she began working for the U.S. Postal Service as a mail carrier.

Catherine has always been a strong capable woman – a doer. It would never occur to her to be anything but. Here is her story.

Catherine served our country for over 30 years in the military, retiring in 2008. She then began working as a mail carrier. In 2012, she suffered serious injuries in a car accident which resulted in a broken jaw, a brain bleed, short-term memory loss, and a two-week hospitalization. Despite that trauma, she still returned to her job as a mail carrier.

In 2014, she fell on some ice while working and fractured her back in multiple places, injured her head again, and exacerbated the PTSD she had been diagnosed with previously. Sometimes her mental state would become so severe that she would become incapacitated for up to six days at a time with a single flare-up.

We began representing Catherine in 2014 and were by her side for three years fighting for benefits she clearly deserved. Catherine suffered significant mental impairments from PTSD in addition to physical disabilities from her work-related accident. The combination of those impairments made it difficult to sometimes complete even the most routine tasks of day-to-day life, much less return to her previous job or any other work. Trying to vacuum her house would sometimes take her all day because of the pain.

For someone like Catherine, a military veteran and hard worker, being physically and mentally incapacitated was incredibly difficult and it left her with very little energy to fight on her own.

“I just got so fed up with the rigmarole and the paperwork and the bureaucracy on top of everything else I was dealing with. I saw your commercial on TV one night and thought, maybe they can help.”

It’s a good feeling to know we were able to help Catherine through this long and arduous situation.

“Sometimes when I would get confused or get worried about something, I could always shoot my paralegal an email, or call her, and she would reassure me that she would take care of things. I just really think that others in my situation should not even hesitate to call. That phone call was my lifesaver.”

After three years of work we won a fully favorable decision for Catherine and she was awarded back benefits and ongoing monthly benefits.

“I got the feeling that the firm cared what I was going through, that it mattered. I mattered. My feelings mattered. That’s a good feeling when you’re having all the bad feelings. That’s a really good one.”

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