Meet Christopher

Meet Christopher

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Meet Christopher

The son of a pastor, Christopher grew up in a household that believed in and lived by an unwavering belief that “all things work together for good.”

So when Christopher was fired because he had been injured on the job and “took too long to heal,” he viewed that circumstance as just another of life’s growing pains.

Here is Christopher’s story.

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How We Helped One Client Go From Being Fired to Being Fired Up1

Christopher was driving a contracted truck for an international courier delivery service in 2014. He was about 40 miles into his usual 300- to 400-mile delivery route. At one home delivery lived an older woman. As a courtesy to her, Christopher decided to bring the package directly to her front door.

As he climbed out of the back of the truck with the package, his right foot became wedged in the truck causing him to lose his balance and fall awkwardly onto the ground. His foot bent all the way backward before it finally dislodged itself from the truck due to the weight and force of the fall. His scream was so loud that the woman he was delivering to ran outside and found him all but immobile.

“I Had a Job to Do.”

Christopher insisted to her that it was “just a little sprain,” but thankfully accepted a pain reliever to help ease his discomfort. It wasn’t until he got back in his truck that he knew the damage to his right leg was more than a little sprain.

He could not put any pressure on the injured right foot and his knee was beginning to swell. Yet Christopher was determined to get the truck back to the shop so no one would have to drive 40 miles to pick him up. He drove all the way back to the shop using his left foot to press on the accelerator.

He told his manager about the injury and they filed a workers’ compensation report.

The workers’ compensation doctor prescribed a couple of weeks of physical therapy. Yet after two weeks, Christopher’s knee continued to give out on him unexpectedly – even in the therapist’s office. Yet his workers’ comp medical team insisted he would be able to go back to work and that his knee would “eventually” get better.

You know your own body, and Christopher knew he needed more medical attention than what his workers’ comp team was giving him. He asked for a second opinion from different doctor.

That’s when things got ugly.

“My Manager Fired Me Because I Took Too Long to Heal”

Sure enough a second opinion determined that Christopher needed additional time off work, more therapy, and different therapy altogether.

“My manager was threatening me saying, ‘This is ridiculous, my daughter had the same injury and she recovered a lot faster than you,'” Christopher recalled. “The manager was becoming more and more irritated. Finally after a few months, when the doctors released me to go back to work with certain restrictions, my manager fired me because he said I took too long to heal.”

“Mediation Was a Very Smooth Process”

“My wife and I knew then that we needed a lawyer.”

So Christopher called the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin.

His case was accepted and eventually his workers’ comp legal team took the company to mediation and helped get Christopher compensation, which helped his family through some tough times, like paying bills that had piled up while he was out of work.

“I was so pleased with how the case was handled. It was a very smooth process,” Christopher recalled. Unable to drive a truck as before, Christopher has since taken this circumstance and is using it for good to pursue his real passion – performance art, which he shares with churches in the area to bring the message of “all things work together for good” to others.

“Clarity, Transparency, Honesty”

“If you want clarity, transparency… if you want honesty, someone that’s going to fight for you, because my attorney did fight for me in reference to the amount I was given, then go to James Scott Farrin. I’d say that would be your best option.”

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