Meet Tyrone S.

Meet Tyrone S.

Meet Tyrone S.

“Not knowing the law, (it was important) to have somebody who knew the law and was willing to stand up and fight for me…”

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How Our Firm Assisted a Client After a Work Injury1

Tyrone S. was a correctional officer working for the state. There was a scuffle with one of the inmates and Tyrone fell. Throwing his arm out to break the fall, Tyrone shattered his wrist and tore his rotator cuff.

To date, doctors have put a plate in his wrist, and he’s had four operations on his wrist and one on his shoulder.

The accident occurred on a Friday; by Monday Tyrone was having emergency wrist surgery to prevent future complications. Tyrone was out of work for nine months, and placed on light duty for two years before he was given a “separation release.”

Obtaining a new job proved to be impossible.

“My job, as far as working now, I have very strict limitations as far as my right arm,” he said. “I’m right-handed. I can’t push anything, pull anything, lift, no twisting of my hand, anything like that. “Pretty much you need all that for any type of job. And those are my limitations now. So now, I just can’t do anything really.”

Worried about his future, a colleague recommended that Tyrone see a lawyer — and Tyrone contacted the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin.

A Positive Experience With Our Law Firm

“At first, I was a little on edge,” he admits. “I was a little worried because I had never dealt with an attorney in my entire life, good or bad. I’ve never had an attorney before. I never had to deal with any.”

But he described his experience at James Scott Farrin as a positive one. One thing Tyrone really appreciated was that he was not pushed for a commitment during the initial interview process. Rather, Tyrone said, he was given the information he needed to decide for himself whether to proceed. Tyrone said his opinion was respected throughout the entire process.

“So it really made me feel, well, I have some say in this. It’s not just going to be between my attorney and a state attorney handling everything, and then whatever they come up with that’s what happens to me. No, I had a say. I had input. I got a chance to voice my opinions on things,” Tyrone said.

Tyrone said he was also very happy with how hard the firm fought for his rights.

“It was really overwhelming to have somebody fight for me like that, so that I couldn’t be taken advantage of. Not knowing the law, (it was important) to have somebody who knew the law and was willing to stand up and fight for me, fight for my rights. So it was really an overwhelming sense of power.

“I will say, if you want somebody who is going to fight for you, fight for your rights… James Scott Farrin is that law firm.”

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