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How Do You Choose a Workers’ Comp Attorney? FREE Resource Can Help.

It’s bad enough you were injured at work. Now you’re having problems with your workers’ compensation insurance company or your employer – or both?

So you decide you need to hire an attorney. Hiring an attorney is a major decision in its own right. But now you need to narrow down your choices from the thousands of workers’ compensation lawyers in North Carolina.

Enough already! We have a tool that can potentially help you cut through the jargon and marketing-speak to decide who might be best for you.

FREE Resource Can Help You Choose a NC Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Because we heard from so many clients how difficult and time consuming it was for them to wade through all the websites for workers’ comp attorneys, TV ads, etc., we developed something to help cut through the noise.

How to Choose a Lawyer for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim is an online resource FREE to anyone.

It not only highlights certain qualities you might want to consider in a workers’ comp attorney, it includes a handful of important questions every potential client should consider asking a lawyer before hiring. So we also turned it into a printable sheet of interview questions for potential clients.

First, we suggest narrowing your initial choices to a manageable number – much as you might do when hiring a home contractor. Once that’s decided, contact each one by phone to set up about 15 minutes to ask the questions on this checklist.

You may have more questions of your own, but we believe this is a good starting point.

And remember to read “between the lines.” Listen for answers, of course, but also listen for a genuine concern for your issues and willingness to represent you.

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