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Class Action Lawsuit? Refer Your Case or Co-Counsel With Our Formidable Team

If you have a client who you believe may have grounds for a class action lawsuit, we can help. We have the experienced team and deep resources needed to take on highly complex class action lawsuits across North and South Carolina.

Our class action lawyers are skilled in all stages of the class action process – from complaint filing, pre-trial discovery, and certification preparation to settlement negotiations and litigation – and we will fight for maximum compensation and justice for your client.

We can help you and your clients with complex class action cases involving:

  • unlawful taxes and fees by the government
  • unfair and deceptive trade practices by financial institutions
  • consumers who were financially injured by business misconduct
  • privacy violations and data breaches
  • and many other types of class actions

Why Should You Refer Your Class Action to Us?

Decades of experience

We understand the complex laws, processes, and timelines that must be adhered to in a class action because we have successfully litigated many class actions from start to finish.1

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Our active class action practice

We are currently pursuing class actions against Audible, DuPont, the state of North Carolina, Bank of America, and other giants – and we are always ready to take on new cases.

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Ease and communication

We’ll keep you informed and pride ourselves on being easy to work with.

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Deep resources

We invest significant time, money, and effort into our cases, including more than $13,000,000 on one case.1

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Trust Our Experienced Class Action Litigation Practice

We understand that when referring a class action client, you want to be sure that the firm you are entrusting with their case has abundant experience with class action lawsuits. Our experience speaks for itself.

Following are some of the class action lawsuits in which our team is currently involved:

  • North Carolina State Retirees Class Action Lawsuit
    Attorney Gary Jackson* as co-lead counsel is working with a team of class action lawyers to try to restore retirement health benefits to more than 220,000 North Carolina state retirees. A judge has already certified the class and ruled that the state breached its contract with retirees by charging higher premiums.1
  • Winston Weaver Fertilizer Plant Fire Class Action Lawsuit
    The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin is pursuing a class action against the Winston Weaver Company to obtain economic damages for approximately 6,000 residents dislocated after a massive explosion at the company’s fertilizer plant.
  • GenX Contamination Class Action Lawsuit
    As a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering  Committee, Gary Jackson* is taking on DuPont and Chemours in a class action for their release of “forever chemicals” (PFAS and GenX) that contaminated the Cape Fear River water supply. After more than six years of litigation, the judge has recently certified the class for a lawsuit seeking compensation for property-related economic damages.1
  • WakeMed Data Sharing Class Action Lawsuit
    In November 2022, James Scott Farrin attorneys Gary Jackson* and Tom Wilmoth filed a class action lawsuit against WakeMed Health and Hospitals regarding the unauthorized sharing of almost a half a million patients’ data with Meta (Facebook).
  • Audible Royalties Class Action Lawsuit
    We continue to pursue a class action lawsuit against Audible for withholding royalties from thousands of authors for audio distribution rights on books.
  • Bank of America Unauthorized Account Openings Class Action Lawsuit
    We are representing individuals claiming that the bank processed unauthorized account applications in a class action lawsuit.

Proven Capabilities and Deep Resources

Attorney and client shaking hands after discussing a class action lawsuit.We have over 60 attorneys and 200+ support staff members. And when it comes to your client, we have the financial resources to sustain a lengthy and aggressive fight if needed. In fact, we spent more than $13,000,000 litigating the historic Black Farmers class action civil rights case.1

We’ve invested heavily in cutting-edge technology to keep cases moving forward, including proprietary case management software that has earned more than 30 patents. This software helps our class action lawyers be thorough, responsive, and timely every step of the way.

We have a true trial focus. While most attorneys don’t go to trial, our firm has seasoned trial lawyers in multiple practice areas. Even though most class actions don’t reach the trial phase, we are always ready and prepared to try cases if we feel clients aren’t being treated fairly.

Our experience is broad. In addition to class actions, we have been actively involved with several multidistrict litigation (MDL) lawsuits, such as the ones involving Gardasil vaccines, Johnson & Johnson talcum powder, and 3M earplugs. We are also adept at handling complex mass action litigation and are currently representing thousands of Camp Lejeune victims. Our lead attorney has even successfully arbitrated a class action suit involving 5,000 homeowners to final disposition.**

We are leaders. We serve on the steering committees for several class actions, mass torts, and MDLs.

When the media wants answers, they come to us. We’ve been featured on public radio, interviewed on local TV, and appeared in nearly 100 newspapers and websites.

Relentless and Acclaimed Class Action Litigation Team

Our litigation team has the resources, talent, and experience to take on any wrongdoer — no matter their size or resources. Many of our attorneys have won awards, authored books, and taught seminars for other attorneys. Each was carefully selected for their skill, compassion, and dedication.

The leader of our class action litigation team, Gary Jackson,* has 40+ years of experience trying cases across state and federal courts. He has litigated over 100 cases in NC federal courts covering a wide variety of subjects.

Picture of Attorney Gary Jackson with a quote

Gary has been recognized on the “Best Lawyers” list for Mass Tort Litigation/Class Actions by Best Lawyers since 2020 and on the “Super Lawyers” list for Class Actions/Mass Torts from 2006 – 2024 by Super Lawyers.4

Gary’s vast class action experience also includes serving as a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee and as Liaison Counsel for several class actions and MDLs in a broad variety of legal areas.

Gary is joined by a powerful team of experienced litigators. Collectively, our firm attorneys have tried hundreds of cases to jury verdict.**

Infographic with pictures and descriptions of each attorney on the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin litigation team.

Handling Class Action Lawsuits Is in Our DNA

Our involvement with class actions began  with the Black Farmers case (one of the largest civil rights class action lawsuits in history). We led a team of law firms in overcoming monumental logistical and operational challenges as we orchestrated the class action claims process for tens of thousands of farmers discriminated against by the United States Department of Agriculture.

This case demonstrated our commitment and class action capabilities – and culminated in a $1.25 billion settlement for 15,700+ Black farmers.1,3

That case took intensive case management skills on a massive scale – we organized meetings with nearly 22,000 potential claimants across 23 states and Washington D.C. in the allotted 180-day timeframe. And it took grit, determination, and skill.

United States District Judge Paul L. Friedman recognized these efforts and stated in his opinion on the case, “Class counsel have undertaken the immense challenge presented by this action with the utmost professionalism and integrity, exhibiting skill, diligence, and efficiency in all aspects of their duties.”

This is the kind of commitment and experience your client deserves. And this is how we approach each class action case.

Black farmers rallying on the steps of a building in Montgomery, AL.

Need to Refer Your Class Action Client? We Can Help, Anywhere Across North and South Carolina

Your client called you for a reason. And you can trust us to treat your client as you would. Contact us today, and we can assume the burden of the case – and based on your participation, you may even be entitled to a fee.


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*Of Counsel

**Some cases handled prior to joining James Scott Farrin.