Meet Yazan H.

19X More for Diminished Value After We Got Involved

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Yazan H. was rear-ended by a drunk driver sustaining injuries as well as significant damage to his car. His injuries and treating for them were enough to deal with. But adding insult to injury? His car was brand new – a Kia Optima that was fresh off the showroom floor at the time of the accident.

Even more insulting, the insurance company offered him only $500!

(Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.)

Taking on the Insurance Company Was “a Horrible Idea”

Yazan recalled, “It was my first accident. I thought I could take on the big bad insurance company by myself. That was a horrible idea.”

Yazan found himself in a pickle. Here he was, injured, could not drive his new car because it was wrecked, and was forced to consider a take-it-or-leave-it $500 insurance offer that would not cover a fraction of what he needed for medical expenses and car repairs. To boot, the insurance company kept delaying his case.

Delay is a common insurance company tactic. Click here for the shocking reality of insurance company tactics, designed to pay you as little as possible.

Insurance Won’t Mention Diminished Value

Yazan was meeting roadblocks, it seemed, at every turn. After all, he was simply driving home one afternoon and obeying traffic laws when a drunk driver rammed into him. He knew that his car’s resale value would drop significantly as a result of the accident, and he wanted to make sure he was compensated for the difference in what his car would have resold for before the accident and after. Whatever that amount was, he knew it was significantly more than $500. This difference in value is called diminished value. What many people do not know is that some insurance companies, as a rule, will not tell you that they owe you diminished value.

Like many of our clients, Yazan didn’t realize the fight he would be in for trying to recover fair compensation from the insurance company. Fed up, he decided to turn to James Scott Farrin for help. We were able to prove the true value to increase Yazan’s case to 19X their original offer.

Yazan shared his experience on ABC 11 Troubleshooter: Are you leaving money on the table after a car accident?

James Scott Farrin Attorney Hoyt Tessener, who has often handled diminished value claims, gave ABC 11 some eye-opening information that even surprised the news anchor, “The insurance company never tells anybody that they have this coverage, and we're all paying for it with our liability insurance or your uninsured motors coverage. Be aware this is something you're entitled to. It’s not anything extra, it is just making you whole.”

Yazan advised, “You just can't take on the big, bad insurance company, yourself. They're out to fake their own. I would definitely recommend James Scott Farrin.”