Our North Carolina Attorneys Protect the Rights of Crime Victims

Imagine you’re the mother of a young girl who’s been repeatedly abused by a daycare worker.

Rage. Pain. Grief. Regret. Confusion. Frustration – you feel like your body is about to explode with emotion. You do everything in your power to help the authorities and the district attorney punish the worker for his crime.

But who’s looking after your daughter? Who helps you try to get payment for the medical care and counseling she needs? Who helps you try to get compensation for all the time you take off work to help your daughter and her case?

We do.

Civil Litigation Versus Criminal Litigation

After a crime has been committed, there will be an investigation. If the perpetrator is found, there will likely be a trial and, (hopefully) a conviction.

Case closed. This is called "criminal litigation."

If you’re the victim of a crime, you may be called on as a witness. The authorities and the district attorney may contact you throughout the case, but their job is not to get payment for your damages.

That’s our job. And we do it through a process called "civil litigation."

When we bring a civil suit, we try to look into as many avenues as possible to try to get compensation for your losses.

For example, in the case above, we may sue the perpetrator, but we may also investigate the daycare to make sure they followed proper hiring regulations and didn’t put your child at risk by hiring a repeat offender.

We’ll then investigate if these entities or individuals have insurance policies or other assets that could help cover your damages and we’ll pursue maximum compensation for our clients.

Compensable Losses

The following are types of losses that may be eligible for reimbursement if they’re directly related to the crime:

  • medical expenses
  • mental health expenses
  • lost wages
  • loss of support to dependents
  • funeral expenses
  • residential property damage, including security doors
  • pain and suffering

Types of Crimes that Could Incur Civil Litigation

If you’re a victim of a crime and suffer any of the losses listed above, you may have a civil case. The following are some criminal acts that often result in damages to the victim:

  • sexual assault
  • robbery
  • arson
  • identity theft
  • murder/homicide
  • child abuse
  • domestic violence
  • stalking
  • sexual molestation
  • a drunk-driving crash
  • school or campus violence
  • nursing home abuse
  • financial fraud
  • police misconduct
  • shootings/stabbings

North Carolina Crime Victim Lawyers

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It’s one thing to be injured in an accident. It’s another thing entirely to be willfully injured at the hands of someone else. If you’ve been hurt, we want to fight for you.

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