Social Security Disability

The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin has helped thousands of injured North Carolinians with potential claims including Social Security, auto accidents, Workers' Compensation, personal injury and product liability. In particularly complicated cases like car and work injuries, or any situation that leaves a person permanently disabled, it’s not uncommon for us to coordinate and represent all of them.

We take pride in representing each and every client, particularly in light of North Carolina’s excessive Social Security Disability hearing wait times and long history of case denials. With an average hearing wait time of over 21 months, North Carolina Disability offices have some of the longest wait times in the country. As if waiting all that time isn’t bad enough, once claimants finally get an initial hearing, more than two-thirds are denied. And more than 85% of those filing a second time are denied!

That doesn’t stop us from persevering to try to get our clients what they may deserve in our efforts to help ease their financial burdens.

Nearly every person on our team has prior Social Security Disability experience from having worked inside the Social Security Administration.

We know from firsthand inside experience how the system works, what they look for to accept a claim, the importance of filing the correct forms and meeting strict deadlines, and what medical records to present.