3M Earplugs Lawsuit

Hearing Loss From 3M Earplugs? You Deserve Better Than That for Your Service

Damage to your hearing can be debilitating. Continue reading to learn more.

3M Ear Plugs Hearing Loss Lawyers

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3M was recently forced to pay the U.S. government $9.1 million dollars for selling the U.S. military earplugs that the company knew could potentially cause hearing loss and/or tinnitus to military personnel who used them.

This shameful charade went on for more than a decade until a competitor of 3M blew the whistle and filed a whistleblower claim under the Federal False Claims Act.

Attention: Vets, Soldiers, & Military Contractors With Hearing Loss or Tinnitus

If you are a U.S. military vet, current soldier, or military contractor, and you used 3M’s faulty earplugs, you may be eligible for compensation for harms 3M may have caused you.

Our law firm is currently investigating potential claims against 3M (not against the government or the military). Contact us immediately or call 1-866-900-7078 if:

  • You served in the U.S. military or worked as a military contractor between 2003–2015
  • You used 3M’s Aearo Technologies Dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs (CAEv2)
  • You have been diagnosed with permanent or temporary hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears) after or while serving

Compensation can potentially cover medical costs, temporary and permanent damages, time out of work, and possibly other costs related to your hearing loss or tinnitus. (Compensation should not affect your VA benefits.)

How Do 3M/Aearo Military Earplugs Cause Damage?

The earplugs were originally manufactured by Aearo Technologies, which 3M acquired in 2008. The whistleblower lawsuit alleged that Aearo knew of the defects as early as 2000, and worse, that 3M and Aearo manipulated test results to make it appear that these devices met government standards.

This corporate conniving resulted in the DOD’s purchase of earplugs that slid out of the ear canal, oftentimes without the user realizing it. Consequently, the plugs did not reduce noise levels the way they should have – or the way 3M claimed they did – thus allowing dangerous noise levels to penetrate the ear drum, leading to:

  • Partial or total hearing loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Chronic tinnitus, which can be debilitating

Thousands of unwitting soldiers in the Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Army, as well as deployed contractors who trusted 3M to provide safe, effective ear protection, have been damaged by hearing loss and tinnitus.

Symptoms of Hearing Damage

NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) is the most common injury among war veterans who return to the U.S., according to usnews.nbcnews.com. Stars & Stripes reported that tinnitus and hearing loss are the VA’s two most prevalent service-related disabilities, with 1,610,911 and 1,084,069 cases annually.

Symptoms of hearing loss may include:

  • Trouble understanding speech
  • Difficulty hearing on the phone
  • The perception that people are mumbling
  • Avoiding social situations
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Loss of balance

We cannot restore your hearing, but we certainly can and will try to fight for every single penny of the compensation you potentially deserve as a result of the suffering 3M has caused.

You Fought for Us – Let Us Fight for You!

North Carolina has one of the largest military footprints of any state in our nation. Ft. Bragg in Fayetteville is the largest U.S. army base in the world. Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro is considered a major Air Combat Command base. And the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base in Jacksonville is home to several combat units, support commands, and known as the home of “Expeditionary Forces in Readiness.”

While every client is important to us, our brave soldiers have a special place among us. We actively recruit military vets for career opportunities, and many of our veterans at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin have found a home here. While you were taking care of the safety of our country, 3M may have taken advantage of you. We won’t stand for that and neither should you.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin are investigating potential 3M Aearo Technologies Dual-ended Combat Arms earplug (CAEv2) claims.

If you or a loved one suffered hearing loss and/or tinnitus as a result of using 3M’s Aearo Technologies Dual-ended Combat Arms earplugs, while serving in the military or as a military contractor from 2003–2015, contact our law firm today. You may be eligible for compensation.

Contact us immediately or call 1-866-900-7078. You may be eligible for compensation, which should not affect your VA benefits, and can potentially cover:

  • Medical costs
  • Temporary and permanent physical damages
  • Time out of work
  • Potentially other expenses related to your diagnosis

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