Jeremy Maddox - A Personal Perspective

Attorney Jeremy Maddox

Jeremy Maddox moved around a lot with his family before calling North Carolina home. Both of his parents were in the military, so the family moved frequently, including stops in Georgia, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, and even Australia.

Jeremy and his family eventually settled in North Carolina, where they had extended family on both sides. His mother and one of his two sisters still call the state home. Jeremy lives in Charlotte with his wife, daughter, and two dogs and is active in the community.

It is in North Carolina that Jeremy has deepened his love of the law and worked to help people fight for their rights.

Jeremy started at George Mason University in Virginia thinking that he would become an engineer. However, after taking a business law class, he discovered an interest in the law and he was hooked.

Jeremy explored that love of the law at Elon University in North Carolina. He wasn’t sure what type of law he wanted to practice, but he knew he was interested in civil litigation. He had met many people during his family’s travels that had experienced injustice, and he knew he wanted to do something to help.

"In my practice, I get to help so many different people," he says. "They can be taken advantage of by big companies without the proper representation. I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that I can help them level the playing field and fight for their rights under the law."

Outside of his legal work, Jeremy enjoys being active and likes to play golf, tennis, and ice hockey. He also enjoys traveling and trips to the beach.