Cape Fear Christian Academy Sexual Abuse

Has your child witnessed or suffered sexual abuse as a student of Cape Fear Christian Academy? If so, they may not be alone.

Help us help these victims. You may also be entitled to compensation for the harm you’ve suffered.

Cape Fear Christian Academy Sexual Abuse Lawyers

A parent’s nightmare: learning that the adult whom you trusted to care for your child may have sexually abused him instead. This nightmare has allegedly become a reality for the parents of two high school students, as horrifying accounts of an authority figure at Cape Fear Christian Academy sexually abusing them have recently emerged. If your child has witnessed or suffered sexual abuse while at the school, we ask that you reach out to us immediately. Our attorneys will listen to your child and will explain that any information they have is extremely valuable and can potentially be used to stop further abuse. If your child is a victim, we want to help. No child deserves this abuse.

Two Minors Report Sexual Abuse by a Trusted School Official

Two male student athletes have accused Tammy Moran of sexual abuse while living, at separate times, in her house. Moran, 45, was the school’s Chief Financial Officer at the time of both alleged abuses, and she and her husband provided housing for the student athletes at their home. One student lived with Moran and her husband in 2018/2019, and the other student lived with them in 2020/2021. Each has alleged that the sexual abuse took place while he was living in the Moran household, and both students were minors at the time. Tammy Moran has been charged with three counts of sexual acts by a substitute parent.

We Need Your Help

We need help from other families whose children may have been harmed or have information about harmful situations at the Cape Fear Christian Academy. Young victims are often ashamed and believe they are alone, and perhaps even to blame, for an adult’s choice to abuse them. Sexual predators often count on their victims to remain silent so they can continue to abuse others.

Why Victims Are Sometimes Silent

Many victims feel embarrassment, shame, and a sense of guilt over the sexual abuse, so they keep silent. Sexual predators often use their authority to silence their victims with fear and lies. By intimidating their young victims, authority figures are often able to evade justice.

Contact the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin If You Have Information

Call us immediately at 1-866-900-7078 if you have any information about possible abuse at Cape Fear Christian Academy. If your child was a victim of sexual abuse, you may be eligible for compensation for suffering, therapy, or any medical assistance needed to cope with the abuse. Contact us today. Help us discover and fight to try to hold responsible anyone who abused or failed to protect these children.

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