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Why Hire a Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck Accident Cases Can Be Complex

Truck accident cases can become complicated quickly. Without an experienced truck accident attorney on your side, you may not get the results that you may be entitled. Our truck accident lawyers know how to thoroughly investigate to pinpoint the cause of a truck accident. Our goal is to get our clients’ lives back on track.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin today to learn more.

How We Get Paid

The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin works on a contingency fee arrangement.2 That is another way of saying that the attorney’s fee is based on a percentage of the gross recovery. While a case may have fees and costs associated with it, there is no hourly or flat fee charged by the firm. Simply put, if you do not recover monetary compensation from your commercial truck accident claim, there is no attorney’s fee. This allows the firm to bear the burden of investigating and pursuing your claim, which allows you to focus on your well being.

Determining liability in a truck accident is not always easy. Evidence may have to be gathered quickly. Experts might be needed to reconstruct an accident, inspect the accident scene and obtain and protect critical information. In addition, it is frequently necessary to access records for in-state companies through both the DOT and the Secretary of State’s Office. It may also be advisable to examine safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the company that owns the truck. And if the case goes to trial, there may be police officers to speak with and witnesses to interview.

Be Wary of Quick Insurance Settlement Offers

Even a “minor” accident can have long-term health implications. Agreeing to a settlement before these long-term costs are taken into account can leave you uncovered for future medical expenses and other costs.

These are just a few of the reasons to speak with a qualified personal injury attorney before pursuing your case. When selecting an attorney — experience matters. Several of the personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin have at least 15 years of experience or more. We have helped tens of thousands of injured people over our history. Call now for a free case review and conversation about your potential claim.

If you work with us, you can expect:

  • Attorneys who will treat you with respect and honesty.
  • Attorneys who care about both your long and short-term interests.
  • Representatives who will come to you — at your home, work, or office.
  • 24/7 availability 365 days a year.
  • No attorney’s fee unless we successfully resolve your case.

Meet Our Team of Truck Accident Attorneys

The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin offers a personal injury department in which several of the attorneys have at least 15 years of experience or more.

The team also has members who formerly worked as defense attorneys for insurance companies, so they have seen the law from both sides.

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