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Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Long-Term Health Conditions?

A woman with back pain getting physical therapyMany people know that workers’ compensation benefits provide for injuries that you sustain while on the job, but many are not clear about what workers’ compensation law provides for long-term health problems believed to be caused by the job.

As North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Barry Jennings explains, North Carolina workers’ compensation law does provide coverage for people who suffered a long-term health condition as a result of their work. This condition can be caused by an injury that resulted from the job, or it can be the result of exposure to harmful chemicals or conditions on the job. Some examples may include coal workers who developed the condition known as Black Lung Disease or industrial workers who developed the deadly cancer mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos.

As Jennings explains, the law determining whether a person is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for a health condition believed to be caused by working is fairly complex. Essentially, you must show that your work caused the specific condition and that it placed you at a higher risk for that condition than the general population. For example, Black Lung Disease is generally caused by exposure to coal dust, so workers in coal mines are at higher risk of developing Black Lung Disease. Coal workers who developed this illness would likely be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in North Carolina.

Other examples could include injury brought on by repetitive and stressful movement at work.

North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

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